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Truth or Dare is a classic teen party game. It is such a popular game that many twist and alternative versions have been invented since the original. If you are thinking about playing this game at your teenage party, but are worried that it may come off as cliché, then you might want to consider these fun spin-offs. For all of the games you will need to create some good truth or dares to use.

1. Dance and Dare

While the music is playing and all your guests are dancing throw a balloon into the mix. Let your friends have fun bopping it back and forth on the dance floor, but when the music stops the fun begins. After you stop the music whoever last touched the balloon must pop it and complete the truth or dare (T or D) inside. Afterward start the music up again and toss in another balloon. If you want you can throw in two balloons for every round, one for truth and one for dare. Make sure you prepare lots of balloons ahead of time. Write fun challenges on slips of paper and insert them into the balloons before inflating.

2. Never Have I Ever – Teen version

This is a fun truth or dare version of the popular party game “Never have I ever”. Pass everyone three pennies, or poker chips (something similar) to keep score. One person starts a statement with “Never have I ever…” then they must finish the statement by adding something they have never done before. Everyone who HAS done this before must give up one of their points. Then it’s the next person’s turn to make a “never have I ever” statement. If a person loses all their points then they must draw out of the naughty bag (a bag full of paper slips of truth or dare questions) and answer the truth or complete the dare that they pull out. They may then have three more points to continue playing.


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