Parsons Armchair

Luxury Parsons Armchair 93 About Remodel Small Home Remodel Ideas with Parsons Armchair

Dining room chairs are a very important element when buying dining furniture, not only because of how they look but because of how they feel. Dining room chairs should be both good looking as well as comfortable for the optimal dining experience. You can choose the finish of the chair (upholstered, leather, wood etc.) you can choose formal chairs or casual chairs which can fold away for easy storage when not in use, and even armchairs if that is a particular requirement. There are many different styles of dining chairs, and one can choose from several different styles, such as Chippendale, Parsons style, Windsor etc.

Chippendale Style: Chippendale furniture and its original creator Thomas Chippendale are very well known for their distinctive style. Originally known as cabinet maker, Chippendale was also known as an interior designer who advised on soft furnishings and color selections. Apart from other kinds of furniture, Tomas Chippendale was also a trendsetter in terms of chairs, and more particularly dining room chairs, and the Chippendale style of chair became highly popular. One style popularized by Chippendale is the Chippendale-style chair with elaborate “Gothic” tracery splat back, which is a well known and distinctive style. While you could buy Chippendale inspired items, (carved motifs, and typical chair backs such as ladder backs, rail backs, carved, rung backs etc) the original item would be an antique piece that would be both difficult to come by and extremely expensive as well.


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