Pig Decor For Home

Nice Pig Decor For Home 13 For Home Decoration Ideas Designing with Pig Decor For Home

Many of us use symbols as part of the association with our culture and each of us, have our own type of symbol that we associate good fortune and good luck to. Pigs have garnered much popular interest in many cultures east and west. The Chinese for instance speak of the golden “double pigs” for happiness and prosperity while the Germans consider the pigs, “Gluckschweins” or “lucky pigs”. However, these symbolic pigs are usually seen possessing all their four legs.

Thus, many of us may be intrigued and somewhat surprised by the three legged Chanchitos pig statues that we might sometimes see in a friend or family’s yard. After all, none of us could possibly conceive the existence of such a heavy animal without all its four quarters intact. Hence, the idea that maybe a leg got snapped off leaving the unwary pig statue still capable of standing ground to maintain balance may well be the heartwarming position we might take in responding to the sight of a rather awkward looking three legged pig.


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