Ramen Musashi / Golucci Interior Architects


  • Interiors Designers

    Golucci Interior Architects

  • Location

    No.58, Lishui Road, Gongshu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
  • Designe Team

    Hsuheng Lee, Shuang Zhao, Chong Chao
  • Client

    Ramen Musashi
  • Area

    115.0 m2
  • Project Year

  • Photographs

  • Manufacturers

    FOSCARINI, 冠军瓷砖

Text description provided by the architects. Menya Musashi is one of famous Ramen brand from Tokyo Japan. As the top-level of Japanese ramen, designer utilized simple lines to represent the eaves of the Japanese building, and then divide and recombined the space, tried to bring the scene of japanese old town street which full of lanterns at sunset into dining space.

Go into the dining space, a great quantity of gratings and colour assortment(wood and white) has brought a strong impact of Japanese style. There is a ring bar in the middle of space which is a micro landscape with innumerable mountains and valleys by using moss and stone. Among this area, we are not only decorate space lively, but also make people and food, people and space to interflow on their feeling and mood.

As same as most Japanese ramen restaurant, open kitchen was also used in Menya Musashi. But there are some differences, when customers look through the open kitchen, they can also see the kitchen, partly hidden and partly visible. It not only shows consummate skills of cook, but also make customers and cooks feel delighted and wonderful.

Idea is from TV drama, Shinya Shokudo, people who have their own stories sat around the fire, but because of a delicacy they gathered here to enjoy the warm of this ramen ender the same eaves.

Source : archdaily


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