Retro Armchair

Charming Retro Armchair 27 With Additional Designing Home Inspiration with Retro Armchair

Since 2013 is a year of fashion trends of a retro nature, classically designed furniture with a contemporary nuance are proving to be very well sought after. Be the retro influence from the 90s, 80’s or 70’s, choosing furniture of the right color to enhance the decor of your home is vital if it is to stand the test of space and time.

Taupe is a warm, versatile, gorgeous shade of gray. Hues of Taupe may also be referred to as sand, oyster gray or dove gray. It is both a practical and functional base color that can be used to great effect in any contemporary living space. Taupe has become the magnolia of the modern day and was made popular through contemporary fashion. One of the reasons why it is so popular is because it is so versatile. Taupe has the ability to mingle with bold palettes of practically any color, as well as with plainer palettes such as creams or whites. This shade of gray also interests since it can be purchased in a wide variety of hues; enabling the creation of a number of different twists within one room. Selecting bright colors and white tones alongside lighter hues of Taupe gives your room a casual feel, whilst selecting warmer tones like mulberry for instance, gives a more formal feel to the room.


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