Saarinen Executive Armchair

Fancy Saarinen Executive Armchair 46 With Additional Interior Design Ideas For Home Design with Saarinen Executive Armchair

A portable barber chair is now a common sight in beauty salons and hairdressing establishments. Before, barber services, which are associated only with men, are separated from those of women, with the latter going to hairdressing salons instead of the barber’s. However, hair care for men and women can now be both found in one single establishment. Designs of barber chairs have also changed to make them fit more in a salon setting.

Why a portable barber chair?

Traditional barber chairs usually look like an executive chair. This might be due to the fact that these chairs are traditionally associated with the male clientele. An image of a cigar-puffing dude having a hair cut comes to mind when one looks at a traditional barber seat. These traditional chairs are usually big, upholstered with leather and usually come in black.

However, modern salons have tamed the barber chair design a bit to fit in with the ambience of a beauty salon. Most barber seats now are portable and are smaller than traditional ones. But this doesn’t mean that they offer less comfort and are less sturdy than the old ones.


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