Sleeper Armchair

Great Sleeper Armchair 56 In Inspiration To Remodel Home with Sleeper Armchair

A sleeper bus is a type of coach bus that is often used to transport bands, technicians and road crew between shows in different cities. Always consisting of full galley facilities, comfortable lounges, and bunk beds, everyone is able to rest and relax on the way to the next gig. The comfort of the passengers is paramount, so each one today is equipped with DVD players, plasma televisions, game systems, and even personal DVD players and screens in each individual bunk.

These vehicles often have the shape of a standard public transportation bus. Since crew buses are designed specifically for transporting crew members between long distances, the interior is much nicer and customised to meet specific needs. Features include soft large leather seats, windows that are tinted, bathrooms and bedrooms with televisions, and even kitchens. A crew bus is usually completely custom built by skilled craftsmen to ensure an excellent home on the road. Though the most popular and biggest bands in the world will rarely travel on them, since they use private air transport, crew members will almost always travel by bus.

The first example, and the lowest in price, would be the Starbus, which has ten bunks and two large lounge areas. The sleeping area will contain four extra large double sized bunks, with a private large bedroom at the rear. All the amenities and space needed are onboard, as it is known to be one of the best and most spacious sleeper coach buses.

The second example, in the medium price range, is the double deck Setra sleeper that has three loung


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