Slipcover Armchair

Charming Slipcover Armchair 60 About Remodel Inspiration Interior Home Design Ideas with Slipcover Armchair

Replacement slipcovers save money by protecting your furniture from long term wear and by allowing you to redecorate your home for a relatively nominal cost. Whether you live in a house, condo, or studio apartment, you can brighten any room or completely change your decorative theme without buying a single piece of new furniture.

Your conservative living room set may have become old and a little boring, or perhaps you have moved, and your new home demands a more modern style. You can add slip covers to your sofa, loveseat, and armchair, and you instantly have a brand new set of furniture. Other ideas include using a slipcover only on a single chair or recliner for an accent piece, or only covering the couch and ottoman.

While slip covers may make you think of sloppy, cheap covers that look more like throw blankets than upholstery, in truth, contemporary slip covers are designed to give your furniture a custom fit. Manufacturers like Surefit include spandex in the fabric blends to give their covers the ability to stretch tightly over the furniture and mimic the original upholstery. These fabrics are available in soft cotton, casual denim, or even rich faux leather and suede.

The living room is not the only room that can benefit from the use of decorative slip covers. If you live in a dorm room or are looking to liven up your bedroom, you may have chosen to use a day bed or a futon. These are versatile pieces that act as sofas as well as beds. The right covers in the design of your choice can reinforce the concept of these pieces as comfortable sofas. Covers are available in a variety of solid colors, classic striped designs, or even wild animal print patterns. The options are endless, and it is easy to find retailers that sell these products at discount prices.


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