Steampunk Home Decor

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The newest craze in home décor and design is all based around the Steampunk theme. What is steampunk and how does it influence the design of furniture and home accessories?

What is steampunk?

The first use of the term steampunk originated back in 1987 but you will find references of the main ideas as far back as the 1950’s.

Steampunk was originally used to define a writing genre but today it a complete lifestyle and design subculture. The term refers to the design and creation of items with the combination of Victorian splendour and the functionality and robustness of the steam and industrial eras. You will also find referrals to a post apocalyptic age where the technology of today did not survive but instead the steam era and industrial revolution take the lead in the field. Aside from Victorian design the American Wild West era also dominates some of the design aspects


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