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Excellent Teal Home Decor 64 With Additional Home Decoration Ideas with Teal Home Decor

With the days getting shorter and the weather getting colder, it’s no wonder people get the “winter doldrums”. However, you (and your home) don’t have to. Until the weather becomes more inviting, turn to your home for comfort from Mother Nature, who tends to be fickle at this time of year. Here are some simple ways to warm up your decor this winter.

White: Not just the color of snow

Even though light at this time of year is limited, white fabrics will brighten up the room and make the most of light that is there by reflecting it. Replace heavy drapes with lighter colors and breezier fabrics that let the light shine through.

Let there be light

Try out “candle-light” bulbs, which you can find anywhere standard light bulbs are sold. These bulbs will add a golden glow, and the difference in the feel of your room will amaze you. And you don’t always have to imitate candlelight – light candles to create an ambience that will lift your mood and relax you.

Add explosions of color

Join neutral colors with strong, vivid hues to add instant warmth and beauty to a room. Pick a color – try a deep teal, for example- and accessorize a neutral room with teal pillows, accent rugs, or even candles. It’ll add the perfect burst of color to warm up the room. Don’t forget your window treatments – they can offer the perfect color accessory to complement the room colors and brighten up a room.


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