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We have all noticed the ‘missing number 13’ phenomenon — elevator buttons, street addresses, parking spots, airport gates and office numbers often jump from 12 to 14 — where’d the 13 go? It all boils down to superstition but I do find it rather funny as I once lived on the 13th floor and I most definitely knew it, even though my mail was addressed to 1407. Land owners, architects, tenants and many others suffer from triskaidekaphobia (the fear of number 13) and view it with suspicion and angst, sure that it brings bad luck and should be strictly avoided, however, as a numerologist and student of the esoteric, I view this number with the highest respect, as it is a pure and powerful combination of forces that can cause almost any type of situation to manifest — both good and bad. On a spiritual level, I also see 13s (in numerology charts) as karmic comments that require close inspection and careful correction. So while there is a karmic aspect to the 13, there is also the potential for unburdening, corrections and second chances at ‘getting it right’.

The 13 can create massive turmoil in a life, but it can also bring freedom and enlightenment to that life. So I do not see the 13 as unlucky…and I have several in my chart! One of the main historical instigators of the fear number 13 generates was named Judas. As the 13th member of the Last Supper, he caused all manner of chaos and tragedy through his betrayal of his host, an act which lead to the demise of both himself and Jesus (which is the germination point for the belief that having 13 guests for dinner portends the death of one of those guests within a year). Since the number 12 is regarded as ‘complete’ (12 months in a year, 12 zodiac signs, 12 disciples, 12 hours on a clock, 12 grades), the addition of another element is thought to upset the balance. Judas embodied this idea as his presence threw everything out of whack and produced unanticipated and far-reaching consequences, however, often the chaos and tragedy is focused upon, rather than the larger than life legacy Jesus left…and its message of love and faith. Another infamous example of nasty 13 energy is personified by King Philip of France, who on Friday, October 13th, 1307, (or 1306, depending who you believe — but the 13 energy remains the same), allegedly ordered the arrest and execution of the then revered Knights Templar: thereafter, Friday the 13th took on a frightening and dangerous overtone and became known as an ‘evil day’.

This negative link grew with each telling and was compounded by Rome’s routine public hangings that were conducted on Fridays (at the top of a 13 step staircase) and in older history, as Friday was also believed to be the day upon which Adam and Eve were ejected from the Garden, the Great Flood began and Jesus was crucified. All of these elements play into the nervousness often associated with number 13 in general and with Friday the 13th in particular. As a modern example of the mystery and karmic essence within the 13, consider the story of O.J. Simpson and how he met his own karmic wall, head first.

After being found not guilty in the deaths of his wife and her friend — a controversial verdict to say the least (if the glove fits) — Mr. Simpson was arrested on September 13, 2008 on completely unrelated charges and was convicted on those charges on October 3, 2008, (notice the 13 in the day and year total), exactly 13 years to the day of his original acquittal (October 3, 1995). Further 13 energy is evident in the 13 day trial and the 13 hours of deliberation prior to conviction. Is this indicative of a second chance at ‘getting it right’ for the people, if not for Mr. Simpson? Gives one pause, doesn’t it? In direct contrast (and more in keeping with my view) is the ancient Egyptians’ belief about the 13, in that it represented the upper rung of the ladder that lead to immortality…but that this final ‘step’ required settlement of ‘dues’ before it could be passed.

This 13th step lead to paradise, to light and love and purity — certainly a reward worth a bit of self-inspection and honesty. The formative energies in the number 13 are comprised of intense original forces (1), combined with mental and physical activities and magical creation (3). This power and the use of it might explain why the number 13 is often seen as the ‘witches’ number’…’good’ witches work with the Earth Mother energies, create magical, healing balms with herbs and flowers and focus on ‘positive’ manifesting, while ‘bad’ witches band together in the ‘complete’ coven of 12 members and invite the 13th (the devil himself) to join them. Their focus would not be so positive. Having said that, the creative and magical ingredient of the 13 is an uncontrolled aspect: it can produce basic changes or lay down fundamental laws or beliefs that affect mass or individual consciousness, both for the positive and for the negative (the death of Jesus, a negative, created an entire belief system, a positive).

The final vibration of the 13 is obviously 4 – the number of solidity, security and dependability. The 4 holds the 4 seasons, the 4 directions, the 4 elements and the 4 corners of a house…this is a grounded and concrete energy that lays down firm and lasting foundations, whether they be esoteric or tangible; positive or negative. With this in mind, we could say that the 13 has the ability to produce unexpected results that can become deeply embedded in individuals or in society as a whole. On a more personal level, this positive/negative force can create an internal imbalance which needs to be addressed: a crack at the core level of a psyche requires complete demolition and restructuring.

This means going back to the basics, taking responsibility, dealing with past deeds and making sincere reparations. It does take time, but once the slate is clean, we have the opportunity to ‘draw a brand new picture’ from a refined point of view. To those of you who connect with the number 13 – think of it as a redeeming energy: once the negative has passed and the lessons therein absorbed and learned, the number 13 offers new hope of a clear future and the ability to recreate your life as you see fit. For more information on the intuition, karma, numerology, symbolism, magic and more, please drop by my website — and remember, everything is exactly as it should be. Relax a little!

Heather Lagan

Author Heather Lagan is a spiritual advisor in Surrey, B.C., where she has provided counselling services for over 25 years. Heather’s primary tools of reference are the Tarot and Chaldean Numerology, the latter being the subject of her book ‘Babylon’s Secret…The Truth About Your Name’. Check out her website at [] for more information on various subjects pertaining to the metaphysical world.

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