Tile Wood Floor

Unique Tile Wood Floor 89 About Remodel Small Home Decor Inspiration with Tile Wood Floor

The love for real wooden floors under the feet would remain for an eternity. Besides, wooden floors were the norm for hundreds of years and still make a lot of sense in extremely cold climates as insulation. Go to the hilly areas where timber is plentiful and find entire homes built of wood. The beloved wood does keep us in tune with nature and wood lasts indefinitely too if taken good care of. How much humanity does love those wooden floors, a heritage we would not wish to give up, just like the language, art, and culture.

Yet, wooden floors have drawbacks as everybody realizes. The world is running out of natural wood with forests dwindling. Go to the market and what you see are various forms of synthetic wood. Those large, heavy logs and broad planks are almost a thing of the past. Tiny sheets of wood are stuck together and provide the flimsy stuff used in the manufacture of furniture. Only those with deep pockets would afford the authentic real wood furniture of teakwood, rosewood, rubberwood etc.


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