Travertine Flooring

Unique Travertine Flooring 32 With Additional Interior Design Ideas For Home Design with Travertine Flooring

The use of travertine tile building material dates back to the Roman Empire. One of the famous monuments which signify its decorative appearance and durability is the Roman Coliseum. Travertine is a natural stone. It is created when ground minerals are disintegrated in water. The ground water is forced to the surface by rivers, natural springs and geysers. This will occur over hundreds of years. Travertine tile can be found in shopping malls, hotels and casinos. Travertine floor tiles will give your home a fashionable look with a very similar appearance to costly marble tiles.

The four major finishes of travertine are tumbled (textured), brushed (textured), honed (matte) and polished (shiny). The most common finish is honed. The tumbled tiles reflect the least light, while the polished is the shiniest. Travertine floor tiles are available in beige, black, gold, white, rustic red and several other colors. For installation purposes, the tiles require a small amount of grout. There is only a 1/16th gap between the tiles. Floors look better with a small grout line.

Frequent sweeping is recommended for travertine floor tiles. Use a soft bristled broom for smooth finishes and a medium soft bristle for textured surfaces. For cleaning, use a damp mop with warm water. Cleaning products should be a neutral based mild detergent. Too much cleaner may cause streaks and leave a residue. Do not use products that have vinegar, lemon or scouring creams or powders.


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