Tripod Floor Lamp

Brilliant Tripod Floor Lamp 48 For Your Home Decor Ideas with Tripod Floor Lamp

Floor lamps might come across as being huge and heavy objects, with trailing cables and plugs but they are also quite popular within the home lighting arena.

Whilst not as versatile as spotlights and task lights, in the way that the beam can be directed into specific places, floor lamps still do manage to provide a wide range of lighting options. Floor lamps have the added advantage of being portable, unlike chandeliers and hanging pendant lights. Therefore, when general light is needed in a room, a tall, sturdy floor lamp is often a quick and handy solution as opposed to getting a room rewired etc to provide general lighting.

There are many designs and styles of lamps available, from antique style lamps to Tiffany floor lamps and then the more contemporary and modern looking lamp. Most of these contemporary floor lamps typically feature studio lights on a tripod stand which makes them look rather arty and cinematic. Many tend to be in black and constructed from thin, sleek metal rods.

These more trendy style of lamps for the floor are in stark contrast to the more standard lamps which look like an elongated table lamp: very similar to a table lamp except for the 4 to 5 foot long lamp base stem. Also, these old style lamps tend to come iwith large conical fabric lampshades. Luckily we have now moved on from such simplistic versions of floor lamps and there are some very modernistic and beautifully decorative styles of floor lamp now available.


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