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Magnificent Wall Cabinets 71 For Decorating Home Ideas with Wall Cabinets

There are several methods that are used for upper cabinet installation. I have thirty years of experience in installing kitchen cupboards. These techniques have proved to be the easiest way for me to hang uppers on the walls. These tips will save you hours of frustration if you use them.

One of the first steps is to find where the studs or furring strips are located. I do this by tapping on the drywall with my knuckles first. After I find a location where I think there is one, I begin drilling three sixteenths inch holes in various places. These holes should be drilled in an area where the cupboards will cover them up once they are installed. When I hit the stud, I mark it. Next, I measure over sixteen inches from the mark and tap on the wall again looking for the next stud. Repeat the process until all of them are located and marked.

Determine where the bottom of the wall cabinets will be located off of the floor and make two adjustable prop sticks out of four pieces of pine. The standard height for installing wall cabinets is fifty four inches off of the floor. These props should be adjusted just a little higher than where the bottom of the cabinet will be.


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