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Luxury Walmart Bathroom Sets 15 About Remodel Home Decorating Ideas with Walmart Bathroom Sets

So you’ve taken the plunge and purchased a piece of bare wood furniture. Congratulations! It’s an excellent value for the money, and with proper care, can last for generations.

Hopefully, before you made the investment, you already had a clear idea what you wanted to do with the piece, but if not, then before you pick up the first tool and start to work, it’s time to plan! A little investment in time now will save you a great number of headaches down the road.

Where bare wood furniture is concerned, you essentially have three options for finishing the piece, and they are:

Leave the wood “naked”
Paint it
Stain it

Each of these options requires a bit of work on your part in order to protect your investment and maximize the beauty and functionality of the piece.

The simplest thing you can to do “finish” your new piece of bare wood furniture is to leave it in its natural state. If you choose this option, you’ll probably want to protect the wood by coating it in some type of wood protecting oil (linseed oil is commonly used on a wide variety of bare wood), but there are other products available as well. Always, always, always test first by applying a small amount of the oil you chose to an unseen corner of the wood to ensure that it won’t cause any discoloration or other reaction in the wood. Once assured of this, you can safely apply your chosen protective oil to the entire piece.


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