White House Floor Plan

Coolest White House Floor Plan 26 For Small Home Decor Inspiration with White House Floor Plan

Like most styles found throughout America, the Bungalow home was originally built in other parts of the world. To the surprise of many, bungalow style house plans were developed in India. This style referred to any single family unit in India, which is not a common style there. This style made its way to America thanks to English sailors.

In Britain and North America, a bungalow is a residential style home that has a second story built into a sloping roof that usually contains dormer windows. This style is usually small and detached from other homes, so it is relatively inexpensive to build. The bungalow home plan became popular as lower middle class were moving from apartments to private homes. Bungalows were the perfect option because they were modest, inexpensive and low profile. They ended up taking America by storm because they provided an affordable housing option many Americans only dreamed of. They became the perfect example of “The American Dream”.


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