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Fancy Wingback Armchair 11 For Home Decoration Planner with Wingback Armchair

It’s almost spring and it’s time for another Northwest Adventure. We’ve been working hard for several months and wanted a few days to sleep, read, talk together and enjoy a quiet life without phones, deadlines, emails, demands and sometimes-balky computers.

We set off for the Silver Cloud Inn in Mikilteo, about 70 minutes north of Tacoma. The day was sunny and warm looking but with a chill wind, great weather for traveling.

We’d never actually been to Mukilteo, but we had traveled all around it. I’d been to nearby Edmonds for calligraphy events such as the early May Letters of Joy, a Friday night lecture and all-day Saturday series of classes. I’d even stayed at the Lynnwood Silver Cloud for LOJ. The Lynnwood motel is one of the older ones in the chain; it’s a perfectly fine motel in a strip mall but it can’t compare with the waterfront ambiance of the Mukilteo inn.

When you leave I-5, you wind through miles of the Mukilteo Speedway. It looks like a South Tacoma Way, with car lots, junk car lots, strip malls and fast-food joints for miles. But as you come down the hill to approach the actual ferry terminal, your socks are knocked off your feet by the overwhelming beauty of the shoreline of the bay, islands, and even Mount Baker in the distance. It’s open-mouthed stunning.

From the left is a state park, historical lighthouse and buildings, one building of condominiums, the Whidby Island ferry terminal, Ivar’s Restaurant and Fish Bar and then the Silver Could Inn.


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