Women’s Bathroom Sign

Cute Women s Bathroom Sign 33 In Inspiration To Remodel Home with Women s Bathroom Sign

I entered the ladies bathroom and came across a sign taped to the mirror, “No Soap Any More! Thanks”. After a few minutes it occurred to me that the sign was significant… not the lack of soap but the lack of clarity.

I’m inclined to think that the writer of the note is a woman, for two reasons… (1) because it was in the women’s bathroom so it’s unlikely for a man to have been in there and, (2) because it is typical of women’s communication – ambiguous. Most women reading this article will interpret the sign as I did initially, as meaning, “dear person who replaces soap, there is none left in the dispenser and I’d like some so, could you please refill it. Thanks in advance.” But men reading this article will see my point that the sign can also mean, “There’s no more soap in this dispenser – thanks for that outcome”, or possibly even, “I don’t want any more soap in this dispenser, so don’t refill it, thanks.” In fact, the meaning of the words written is more close to the second two interpretations than to the first.

Now, I think the most likely intended meaning of the note is the first interpretation – can we have some more soap please, but why is what was written so much closer in meaning to the second two interpretations that no more soap is required? Because women are uncomfortable asking directly for what they want.


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