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2 Drawer Filing Cabinet Walmart . Paper still tends to be a major issue with most everyone even in these days of computer literacy.  I’m going to tell you how to setup a filing system so you can reduce the piles and move on to more important and fun things.

You might ask yourself  if you want the system to be a numeric system or a subject based system. A numeric system is where instead of a subject such as Insurance-Home it will have a numbering system such as 1.2. With 1.2 being Home and 1. 2 being Insurance. The reason for a numeric system is so you don’t have to worry about inserting another subject folder and maybe throwing off the order. A subject based system is just that. Each folder would have a subject name on it, such as Insurance-Home.

Now you need to determine what your filing subjects or areas will be. They might be something like  Utilities, Mortgage, Insurance-Home, Insurance-Car, Reference, Banking, etc… Don’t make this too hard just get out a sheet of paper or fire up your computer word processor and start writing down your subjects.   

Now you might say what should I do now that I have the determination on numeric or subject and I know what my subjects / numbers are. Well, you need to purchase as many hanging folders as you think you might need based on the list of files you made. Just remember, if you buy too many boxes you can allows take them back as long as you keep the receipt.  

We suggest using hanging folders because they are so much easier to manage in a file box or drawer. If you must use manila folders at least place them in the hanging folders first. Also, place the labels on one side of the folder with all other labels directly behind the first one. This creates a uniform look and is not distracting. The label should be placed on the inside front of the folder, not the inside back of the folder.  

Now that you have a new system I’m sure you must have a few piles of paper lying around that need to be placed in this new system. Take each paper and determine what file it should go in. Use your list of either numeric files or subject matter files as a guide. Write the file number or name on the top of each paper until you become accustomed to your system. Sort the paper by the number or subject.  

Just for the record there are some pre-packaged file systems available online. Do a search using your favorite search engine for filing systems. Some of the ones I’m familiar with are Freedom Filer; My Vital files; Find-N-File and The Ultimate Filing System.  

You need to know what you should place your files in once you create them. The common thing is to place everything in a file cabinet. However, some people don’t have the space to add a file cabinet. If this is your situation there are a number of file box styles available either online or in retail stores such as Office Depot, Office Max, Target, Walmart, etc… I personally use both, a file cabinet for everything except my tax files and my bank statements which I place in a file box.  

Now you’re ready to place the items in the respective folders. Go forth and get your paper under control. Try your best to set aside an hour per week or per month to file all the items you have received recently. Another recommendation is at the beginning of the new year go through your filing system and weed out those things you no longer need.  

You can handle this and once you get going you will feel more and more confident about your abilities.  

You will also need to know how long you should keep your files. There a number of thoughts on this subject, but if you go to [http://www.suddenchangeinteriors.com/resources.htm] you will find a list of file Retention Guidelines. You will also find the list from the IRS guidelines on tax files.

In terms of modifying your home office one of the main things you are going to have to control is the cost of buying all the equipment that you need. For some people the toughest part about designing an office is figuring out where you are going to find the items you need for a decent price. Something that I want to help you with is figuring out what you need and how to buy those things for less.

The things that you will have to are a desk, office chair, file cabinet, bookshelf, and a white board. The reason why you need these things is really because you want to have the stuff in order to succeed no matter what it is you may or may not be doing in your home office.

Desk – What need be looked for is a desk that has at least 2 drawers and a little cabinet. The logic behind why you need this is because it is easier to work when you have a heap of space as opposed to being cramped in a tight space. The best place to get a decent desk is either at Amazon.com or Walmart.

Office chair – My personal favorite thing to search for in home office chairs are ones that are cheap but not so cheap that needs to be going to split up really quickly. In regards to home office chairs what I strongly recommend to get are mesh home office chairs and the explanation is because they are less expensive than leather and they will last for a long time. A good option to get mesh home office chairs is at Amazon.com and Office Depot.

File cabinet – This is jolly simple since you most likely won’t use it normally as you really need to. The best benefit about this is you can find a good file cabinet that is very sturdy for less than $ 50 at Amazon.com and Walmart.

Bookshelf – Again with the easy items, this one is pretty trouble free because you might get these from Amazon and Walmart and the best benefit about them is that you may usually find them with side tables which would work good for designing your office as well as stocking it.

Whiteboard – The whiteboard is not any necessity but it does help when you need something to write on. The good thing that I enjoy the most related to whiteboards is they can be used again and again and you never really have to clutter up your office with papers.

If you would like to learn more about the many different home office chairs [http://www.homeoffice-chairs.com] then click here because there is a lot to learn. One thing I would strongly suggest is getting leather home office chairs [http://homeoffice-chairs.com/leather-home-office-chairs/] simply because they are much softer and more elegant.

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