Americana Home Decor Ideas

Americana Home Decor Ideas. A niche decorating style that seems to be gaining popularity at the moment is the Americana style. This is very popular among Americans who want to display their heritage, and also among non-Americans that want to have a themed room in their house. It is popular because of its obvious association with America and also with its versatile colour scheme.

The main colours are the same as on the American flag; red, white and blue, and these are used together in a variety of ways to create your Americana room. If you want a more subdued American feel then you can go for less contrasting colours, maybe cream, pale blue and dark red for example. Although you could use all three in equal amounts to create a striking room, most people choose to use one colour as the base and work the other two around it.

Once the room is decorated, it’s time to accessorise! The first step is to buy furniture that goes with the design, this usually consists of fairly simple, white furnishings, perhaps a really plump sofa, and a storage box painted with an American flag, or the same design on a coffee table. The same goes for plant pots, which can be painted with a flag and used instead of end tables. Try going for something like a cactus to fit in with the theme.

After the core furniture is chosen, you will want to liven up the room with a few small American additions, like a license plate, road sign, Uncle Sam birdhouse, flag, and the list goes on. There are so many things you could put in this room it is unbelievable, so just look around, in books, shops and online. You will eventually find everything that you want to truly give you an American shrine.

It is very easy to overbuy, as there is so much stuff out there. If you find yourself in this situation then store some of your stuff away and rotate your accessories to always keep your room new. This way, you will never get bored with something that took a lot of effort to create, and you can effectively redecorate every few months without the need to fully reshape the room.

A country dining room can really use a lot of red. It can be paired with blue and white if you want to get an Americana kind of design style to it. However, there are interesting ways that you can really incorporate this kind of color into the space with a lot of the furniture that you already have. This is a gender neutral color palette that the whole family can enjoy. You are going to need to incorporate the ceiling and trim colors that you have in the rest of your house so you still get a cohesive look but you’re using an entirely different wall color.

One thing that we really see a lot of in the country design style is going to be painted pieces that will match apartment decorating ideas or small living room decorating ideas. This allows you to pick up a lot of furniture at thrift stores. This could be a hutch or buffet that doesn’t match your dining room set and so you just really embrace this and give it a bright red tone.

We are also really seeing a lot of different furniture sets. This means that the chairs usually don’t match the tables in a lot of the designer magazines that are out right now. In this case, you can really just counteract it by going with painted chairs. Usually this could be in a traditional black and white but instead you can try going for a combination of painted tones along with natural wood tones.

You don’t have to do lot of DIY projects in this color in your room. Instead, you may just want to stick with a really staple white dining room set. This is going to be one of the few themes where it’s okay to paint your walls red but you might really want to counteract this by going with some white beadboard on it as well.

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