Ancient Egyptian Home Decor

Ancient Egyptian Home Decor . To many of us, having a room or certain parts of the house themed according to any ancient civilization is a sign of affluence and hints of an aura that should make any academic feel at home. Some people prefer ancient Greek or Roman art with marble statues depicting every curve and nuance of the human body. Others prefer the more austere design of traditional and ancient Japanese sensibility: minimalist in décor but tranquil and spacious at the same time. Still, there are others who would prefer all out Ancient Egyptian decoration, complete with imitation or real artifacts like pottery (or at the very least, shards of pottery.)

However, for a lot of people who start off with a tastefully decorated Ancient Egyptian inspired interior décor, there is a great tendency to go overboard. Soon the room (and often times, even the entire house) becomes so crammed with Egyptian art representations that it is almost impossible to tell where the room begins and where the storage area ends. In order not to overwhelm the room, here are several tips:

One: make sure that you consider the room’s functionality, first and foremost. If your intended space is supposed to be a storage room or an artifact room, then go ahead… cram as much stuff as you can. However, if you intend the space to be a study, or even a room to receive guests in, then you need to make sure there is room for people to move about. Nothing destroys the ambience of a room faster than a floor that is impossible to walk on. Go for Ancient Egyptian inspired furniture pieces, preferable those that are crafted by very modern men. Expensive and antique furniture should only belong to show rooms since these can easily be devalued by scratches and food spills.

On a more practical note, why don’t you go for an Ancient Egyptian feel, by utilizing décor of the same persuasion but the functional elements of the room are quite modern and serviceable. For example: you can have an ergonomically designed computer or study table (preferably made of wood,) darkly varnished and trimmed with gold and teal. The table remains functional while blending in with the rest of the décor.

You can do the same with your book shelves (if you have them in the room) and trim only the corners with color. You can also accentuate by utilizing Ancient Egyptian inspired book ends. Try not to cram the shelves with these artifacts and actually forget to place in the books. If you want a thematic approach to your book shelf, make sure you have at least one shelf dedicated to books regarding Ancient Egyptian. You have to place them at eye level (your eye level,) because this is usually the first thing your visitors will see.

Two: actually learn more about the historical periods of Ancient Egypt. Although some people prefer to deck the room with the most popular icons of ancient Egyptian art, (like the imitation busts of Nerfertiti, or small statues of Anubis, or even the funerary mask of Tutankhamen, it would actually be great if you can have the room themed according to only one period. For example: you can have the room stylized in the 18th Dynasty. This is the time of some of the great personages of the age like Tutankhamen and Nefertiti, and there are so many art décor you can use to complete the ambience of the room. You can have framed papyrus on your walls, miniature potteries which was popular at the time, and statuettes dedicated to the sun god Ra.

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