Armchair Sewing Caddy Pattern

Remote Control Couch Caddy

Armchair Sewing Caddy Pattern. It’s amazing how much time the average American spends searching for lost remote controls. With televisions and electronics of today, no remote means that the big expensive screen is little more than a wall decoration. Having a handy and convenient place to keep all those remote controls will lower stress levels, and end the frantic searches under cushions and furniture for a lost remote control. It’s also a good place to store extra batteries too.

There are lots of instructions available for remote control caddies online. Some are as simple as sewing a pot holder to one end of a matching place mat. Others as involved as choose a fabric to coordinate with the d├ęcor of the room, and using elastic to keep everything in place and easy to reach.

Grain Pain Relief Pillow – Cold Neck Wrap

Next to a full belly, the next best way to please a man is by easing the pain of sore muscles. A homemade heating bag filled with heat-able grains that molds to fit around his neck is certain to be an appreciated and much used gift. Fill a long narrow cotton bag with flax seed and lavender or rice. He can stick the reheat-able bag in the microwave oven for a minute and a half and then enjoy the warm comfort.

If your guy suffers from the heat, try a water activated neck cooler. Sew a bandana together and fill with inexpensive AquaGems, Watersorb or another type of water absorbing polymer crystal. This cooling neck scarf will keep him refreshed when working outside or exercising.

P.J. Bottoms

Many men enjoy changing into a comfy pair of p.j. bottoms after a long day at work. Whether they prefer a warm pair made from soft flannel, or a light and cool cotton set, p.j. bottoms are always a popular and appreciated gift. Masculine fabric prints include national and college sports teams, earth toned solids and the ever popular plaid pattern. These are so easy to sew, you might consider making yourself a matching pair. Why should he have all the comfort?

Velcro After Shower Towel

Since all guys shower and they all need to dry off afterwards, an After Shower Velcro Towel is a gift with universal appeal. Attach Velcro is a fluffy towel that is wide enough to fit above his hips and long enough to reach his knees to make a slip proof after shower cover-up and leaves his hands free for other grooming tasks. Just be sure the scratchy side of the Velcro is facing away from the skin so it won’t cause irritation.

If you’re searching for a one-of-a-kind Christmas Gift, Anniversary Present or Birthday surprise that really shows you care, there’s nothing like a hand sewn gift.

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