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Bathroom Stall Memes. Whether you are a general contractor, design house, or simply doing your own renovation, the toilet partitions tend to be forgotten. Working in this industry, I see this every day. I am always getting calls that someone forgot to order the toilet partitions and they are needed tomorrow. Yes, this aspect is generally the smallest portion of your renovation, but here is the kicker – the customer sees your toilet partitions; they can make your wash room beautiful, or not so beautiful.

The first challenge for you to figure out is what material to choose. I know, you are thinking material? They are just toilet partitions; they will be used for one thing. This is true; however, think about when you are in a restaurant: Did you notice the wash room facilities? If it was dirty, rusting and unattractive that impression remains on you. People do notice the aesthetics of any location they are in and it leaves an impression. So the material, colour and look you choose is very important to the final look of the wash room you are working on.

So now, to choose your material, where do you start? What is best for you and your application? What style are you looking for? What colour are you looking for? What items do you consider in your decision – money? Graffiti? Cleaning? Warranty? There is so much to consider, but it generally gets rushed. I have seen it many times, where the customer does not like the end result because they rushed their decision making and did not take into consideration what was best for their application and use.

For the average person, this decision really does not matter; just “get er done” is the attitude. But for me, this is what I do for a living. I sell Division 10 products: toilet partitions, wash room accessories, lockers, mailboxes bike racks etc. I have seen wash room renovations look fantastic and beautiful, and some wash room renovations that don’t look good because the right decision on partitions was not made. Don’t make that mistake: Your wash room represents a lot about your company, restaurant, health club, and golf courses, whatever your building is. People want a nice, clean, wash room to use when they need to go.

It’s sad to say, but people are judgmental. If something looks nice, presentable, attractive they remember that. That is the impression they are left with. If something looks off, does not match, rusting, dirty, thrown together, people remember that, that is the impression they are left with.

Generally, for an average toilet partition job, it would be around a few thousand dollars. Hey, a couple thousand dollars is a couple thousand dollars – spend it well. When buying partitions, ensure the representative you are speaking with is asking you the right questions. Last thing you need is a heavy duty five thousand wash room partition, if you are a private company with one employee. You need a representative that will ask the questions, qualify what suits you and recommend a valuable product that will match your wash room setting.

So your company’s bathrooms aren’t looking so hot. You’ve been tasked with the project of getting them redone. Not sure where to start? Just follow this easy guide.

Step 1. Measure Your Restroom

Go ahead and take measurements of your bathroom. Draw a simple layout of restroom including the stalls and walls that connect them. You’ll also need to get the distance between the walls and the size of the room. Get the exact width of each stall. Standard stalls are usually 36″ and handicap stalls are 60″.

Step 2. Partition Material

Partition Material

1. Metal – The least expensive high quality partitions. They have a powdered coat that is applied electrostatically over galvanealed steel. These stalls are highly resistant to fading, scuffs, and general wear. These are very easy to clean. They are available in a wide assortment of colors.

2. Solid Plastic – These are great for bathroom with a high volume of traffic. Not easily dented and are easy to clean. Plastic toilet partitions are manufactured with 100% post-consumer plastic making them environmentally friendly. Extremely durable and usually used in low maintenance bathrooms. Unaffected by high humidity or corrosion and resistant to any sort of moisture.

3. Stainless Steel – Stainless Steel partitions are made to withstand the toughest of conditions that they are nearly indestructible. Stainless steel partitions are constructed of type #304 stainless. These are very popular in busy and high-end locations. Has a very elegant, modern look that goes well with many bobrick bathroom accessories. Vandalism is easily removed by buffing.

4. Plastic Laminate – If the stylish look of your bathroom is very important to you than this may be your choice. Laminate stalls are offered in a broad variety of colors and finishes. They are banded to ensure the best water resistance and durability.

5. Solid Phenolic – These bathroom partitions are best used in an area where durability and strength are a high priority. Produced to handle the harshest environments, phenolic is impact, corrosion and water resistant. These won’t allow the growth of bacteria.

Step 3. Call Your Vendor

Now that you’ve got your design layout and you know what kind of material you need, you can start the ordering process. Many places will turn you away if you don’t have a layout ready. Luckily, we’ve got that part covered. They’ll walk you through getting the best pricing and should provide you with a CAD layout of your bathroom. Make sure to ask any questions you may have about the functionality, layout, or aesthetic design.

Step 4. Order Time

By this time you should have CAD layouts, pricing, color charts and anything else they provide. Before ordering, make sure to confirm the measurements of your restroom. The measurements need to be accurate. Take account any obstructions that may be present. Confirm whether the layout meets ADA requirements.

Step 5. Prepare For Delivery

While your bathroom stalls are being constructed, you’ll be given a code that tracks your order through the manufacturing and delivery process. When your order is complete, it’ll be inspected, boxed, and loaded for delivery.

Now, to make sure you’re ready for your shipment. Make sure you have an area to store your new partitions and a plan on what to do with your old partitions. Unless you have a loading dock or forklift, it’s best to have an extra pair of hands to help with unloading. If this will be an issue, ask your vendor if they can arrange any sort of assistance with unloading. Don’t let the driver leave until you’ve made sure everything is there and nothing is damaged. Make not of any damage when signing for the order.

Step 6. Keep In Mind

Make sure you have other restrooms available while the construction is going on. Keep everything clean and organized. Read the instructions provided a few times before starting.

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