Bathroom Window Curtains Amazon

Bathroom Window Curtains Amazon need just as much attention to detail as any other window in a home. In fact, it is an opportunity to be creative with this type of window treatment. Most bathroom windows are sized slightly smaller than their counterparts in the rest of the home. Bathroom window curtains are sized to coordinate with the size of the window for convenience. Aside from window size, one factor to consider is the interior decorating style, i.e., traditional, country, modern or a combination of any of these styles.

Bathroom Window Curtains

Swag styles for bathroom curtains bring out the windows depth and look well when paired with louvered shutters or blinds. This window treatment allows for adequate daylight without compromising privacy. Swags for bathroom windows can be used with most any home decor style. Bathroom window curtains are available in colors that match the shower curtain. Or, choose curtains in direct contrast to the shower curtain to add interest to the room. This helps bring focus to the window.

Other Styles of Bathroom Curtains

Try accenting the bathroom window with stylish curtain rods and curtains installed on rings. There are valances and panel curtains for this style. Rod-pocketed curtains for the bathroom are another treatment that may be appealing. Curtains with rod pockets include those with panels, Austrian shades for a traditional look and those with pinch-pleated edges with hooks at the back of the curtain for drawback rods. The popular trend for bathroom curtains today is a combination of swag valance and panels.

Fabrics For Bathroom Curtains

Bathroom curtains can be found in a wide variety of fabrics: cotton, sheers, microfiber and weaves of varying textures. Note that the lighter the fabric, the more daylight the bathroom will receive. The use of certain types of lightweight fabrics, like cotton, can provide a bright, sunny bathroom with just the right amount of privacy. Many home decorators choose fabrics according to seasonal needs using lightweight for spring and summer and a heavier weight weave for fall and winter to help conserve heat and reduce energy consumption.

Get Creative With Window Treatments For The Bathroom

Modern trends in bathroom curtains accent creativity. Create a false window cornice with a fabric valance that attaches to the curtain rod and is pulled close to window edges to create a “boxy” look. Use two rods, one with a 2-inch curve at either end. Then pull the curtain fabric completely around the curves on either side of the rod. Panels should be hung on the rod beneath this valance. You should not be afraid to experiment with different types of curtain rods for a different effect. For instance, use a flat rod for the valance and a curved rod for the panels.

Bathroom Window Plus Curtains Equal Great Style

Insuring great style for the bathroom window is not that difficult. Once you have determined the correct window size, preferred fabric and the style of the window treatment and rods, it is only a matter of hanging window curtains in the bathroom and kick back and start admiring your handiwork.

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