Blue Bumbo With Tray

Blue Bumbo With Tray. After the initial first few weeks of having your baby they will begin to want to start exploring their environment. At this stage their muscles will be to weak to allow them to sit upright unaided however you may wish your baby to do so. One solution to this is to choose a seat like the Bumbo Baby Chair that is specially moulded to allow you baby to sit upright but is it safe?

The Bumbo Baby Chair consists of a specially moulded plastic chair designed to offer support to your baby allowing him or her to sit in an upright position whilst their muscles continue to build strength. There may be a wide variety of reasons you’d want to do this from feeding your baby to allowing your baby to play. The chair is suitable for babies who have developed sufficiently to support their own heads with their neck muscles.

The strengths of the Bumbo chair are that it is lightweight and portable and is easy to clean. It can be used to provide a secure environment for your baby to sit whilst feeding. You can also combine the baby chair with the Bumbo Play Tray providing the perfect environment for your baby to explore feeding him or herself or to play with toys.

The chair has a raised back to provide posture support and the gaps above the legs narrow to help prevent attempts to escape. The high back also helps to prevent your baby toppling backwards by overbalancing the baby chair. You can buy Bumbo Baby chairs in a variety of bright colors to suit your baby including lilacs, blues, and pinks so there’s plenty of choice that’s right for your baby.

The question remains however, is the Bumbo Baby Chair safe? Some parents have reported problems with the chair of their babies being hurt when in a Bumbo chair. With this in mind there are certain very important things you should remember.

You should place the baby chair in a safe position on a flat surface. You shouldn’t place the chair on other seats such as car seats, bath seats, or other chairs. You should also ensure that the chair is not in a raised position where it’s possible to fall and hurt the baby. Also remember that your baby is only just old enough to start exploring the world so never leave your baby unattended in the baby seat.

When an infant comes into the world, he or she faces challenges to thrive. They explore their new environment and new surroundings and try to adapt to them. There are many unfamiliar things a baby can encounter. As the infant starts gaining strength in the muscles after first few months of birth, parents start aiding the baby to sit upright with their support. With the introduction of the Bumbo baby seat, parents have found an attractive and functional solution to their baby’s development. The Bumbo baby seat is perfectly molded to help the infant sit in upright position perfectly offering a full support.

The Bumbo seat is a uniquely designed baby chair meant to help your baby sit in a comfortable and safe seated position. The shape of the chairs is specially engineered to support the tender muscles of the infant, placing their bodies in an utterly perfect posture without injury. The leg space in the chair has been raised to offer an increased flexibility to their hip and knee joints. This will ultimately be beneficial in decreasing stress on the baby’s spine. Parents can happily have their babies sit in this chair as soon as they are able to support their own head. Having them sit in this chair is also advantageous to aid the baby in developing early trunk control. This will assist them in learning to sit up on their own.

The seat is molded out of a safe, soft, non-toxic, environmentally friendly polyurethane. It is latex free and harmless to infants. The chair provides a stable place for the baby to sit and interact with people and is an alternative for feeding time. The seat can also be attached to a working tray table for an extra space for baby’s toys or snacks to keep them occupied. The chair is portable and light in weight for ease of transportation from room to room. It is durable and strong for holding babies up to 22 lbs in weight. It can be safely used on solid, flat surfaces and is not recommended for use on raised surfaces. Cleaning the chair is a snap with a damp cloth. The chair is not equipped with belts as the design of the chair itself ensures the safety of the child.

The chair comes in variety of colors including blue, pink, aqua, lilac and lime. This baby seat is highly recommended by pediatricians, orthopedists, and physical therapists once baby has gained control over it’s head as it promotes good posture of the baby. The Bumbo baby seat is a revolutionary new concept uniquely designed according to baby’s posture, to seat babies independently in an upright sitting position.

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