Chalk Paint Kitchen Cabinets Duck Egg

Chalk Paint Kitchen Cabinets Duck Egg. Design your kitchen for great style and practical usability. Adorn your kitchen walls in a stylishly pleasing way. Your kitchen should be carefully designed keeping in mind the style of the rest of your home. Without making a big hole in your pocket give a striking overhaul to your kitchen interiors. The walls could be either left open for easy cleaning or optimize it efficiently to fix kitchen tools. You can get a simple breezy feel by using sunny colours and fitting natural accessories and winter cooking stuff appliances.

When you are planning for an entire kitchen renovation or just want to make some fast alterations over the weekend, you certainly would want to make every penny count to get a big impact for an affordable price.

Listed hereunder are a few things that will help you with your kitchen renovation project.


Stunning new pendant lights can smartly become the main attraction of the room. Without breaking the budget, you can install hand-blown glass pendants that are amazingly flexible.


If you want to augment the look and feel of the complete space, classic hardware is worth installing. You need to keep a careful watch over the price per piece when buying kitchen accessories as it adds up quickly, particularly when you have a bigger kitchen with several different cabinets.

Consider Repainting Cabinets:

Suppose your kitchen cabinets are having old looks or you want to generate a more personal touch than the common white cabinets, you can consider about adding colour. For instance, you can try something like duck egg blue or pale sage green which would be an ideal choice as they match with several different finishes and materials. For obtaining a high-contrast look consider painting half the cabinets. A palette of white and black with metal and wood emphasizes looks glossy and fresh in the kitchen. To get an enriching look consider painting the upper cabinets with white and the bottom cabinets and the base of your kitchen in island black.

Kitchen Appliances:

You can consider changing your old kitchen appliances if they are not functional or not sufficient for your use. You will easily get advanced kitchen appliances now-a-days literally for every task that too at quite affordable rates.

Kitchen Accessories:

When you have restricted chances of adorning your kitchen, it’s crucial to get the maximum out of small kitchen accessories so select them wisely.

Working with Rustic Elements:

Typically to an ordinary kitchen, farmhouse accents out rightly adds warmth and temperament. Consider changing the kitchen or pantry door with a descending barn door, hang copper pots from a ceiling bracket or bring in a well-worn historic wooden stool.

Simple Shelves for Storage:

Rustic wooden shelves over metal brackets are effortlessly and inexpensively installed, which offers usable display space for routine dishes.

Get Roman Shades for a Refined Look:

For a refined look use Roman shades as they add up a graceful look to any room. In the kitchen too, Roman shades would give refreshing soft looks. To acquire a consistent look and feel, you need to use matching shades for glass doors in the same room.

These are some of the ideas that you can use for your home kitchen revamping project.

Whether you are planning for designing a new kitchen or want to revamp your existing kitchen, you can depend upon Konnect Kitchen Store for getting quality kitchen appliances and bathroom products at reasonable rates in Victoria.

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