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Costco Hardwood. Among the many types of laminate flooring that you will find on the market today, a favorite is the Harmonics Laminate Flooring. This flooring will give your home the beauty and style that you want it to have. You are only able to get this type of flooring at Costco. This store is a store that you have a acquire a membership to in order to be able to purchase anything. The membership cost is very affordable and well worth the money per the deals that you will find. There are many varieties of this laminate flooring that you will find at Costco.

The four main styles of Harmonics Laminate Flooring include royal mahogany, harvest oak, skyline maple, and vintage chestnut. This type of floor will give you the hardwood look that you will otherwise spend a lot of money on. This floor may not be the real thing, but you will not be able to tell the difference. When installing this floor, you will find that it employs a Uniclik joinery type method. This is basically a tongue and groove method that makes it very easy for the installation.

All you have to do is snap together the floor planks of the Harmonics Laminate Flooring without worrying about adding any type of fasteners. Many other floors have to have these fasteners in order to stay together but this floor does not need them. You will get a 35 year warranty on this floor from Costco. This is because they believe in the durability of their floor, and they will back up any specifications that they put on this floor. This floor will be resistant to any kind of water damage, wear and tear, fading, and staining of any type.

The Harmonics Laminate Flooring is very popular because it can be placed over just about any type of existing floor including cement or concrete such as in a basement. These floors have a built in barrier under the planks in order to make sure that no moisture will affect it by buckling. When shopping at Costco for this type of flooring, you can also shop for molding that will finish off the installation of the flooring. This helps to give it that finished look as well as accent the adjacent floors or walls that it touches. You can find many reviews of the Harmonics flooring on the Internet to see just what other consumers think about it.

I had very little experience in buying flooring. All I knew about materials for floors of a home is that when I went into someone’s home, I noticed the floor and said that it looked great. When the homeowner proceeded to tell me it was laminate or oak hardwood, that meant nothing to me. Now that we are building a new home, I am much more informed about the choices available.

When we discussed the type of flooring we would have, I wanted the best, but that didn’t mean I was willing to pay an exorbitant price for it. I started out by researching all the different types of material by scouring Internet websites and reading the pros and cons of each one. Then I visited the home improvement retail stores in my area and requested information on the various types. In these stores, I could see several planks of the flooring put in place, but there were so many varieties that it was difficult to choose right then and there.

After months of wavering from one type to another, we decided on bamboo flooring. I liked the colors – there were only two to choose from – and the coffee was my choice. It wasn’t too light nor too dark and perfectly complemented my furniture. Another reason was that bamboo was suitable for a kitchen floor. Even though it can be used in bathroom because if its water resistance, we still decide to go with ceramic tile for the bathrooms.

Once that decision was made, then we started to look at prices. Since we were building a fairly large house – about 1900 square feet – we were looking at a significant outlay of money Prices were almost the same in every retail outlet, averaging about $4.49 per square foot. On one of these pricing trips, I went to Costco for some unrelated shopping. To my surprise, there was the bamboo flooring in the color that I wanted. I was astounded to find that the price was $2.24 per square foot – half price from what the other retailers were charging. Needless to say, we purchased what we needed for our home at Costco for a saving of almost $5000. There were also lots of other types of hardwood there as well, and although it was more expensive than what we wanted, it was still cheaper than the other retailers’ price.

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