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Costco Wood Floors . Over the years the way to clean a hardwood floor has changed as flooring associations and flooring experts discover there are better ways to treat and clean them. Hardwood and other woods are natural, beautiful, efficient, allergy-free and a decorating boon. It doesn’t matter whether it’s exotic, engineered, prefinished or bamboo. Taking care of your hardwood flooring correctly will make it last much longer.

If you’re planning on getting or are installing new hardwood floors or just have older hardwood floors that you want to treat better, then the following tips may help you.

You can save money by using simpler cleaning techniques or just water as described below and by preventing damage to your floors you can save a bundle.

First of all make sure to place mats in you entry ands area rugs in the areas where you’re getting a lot of traffic or use. Dirt, grime and grit can easily act like sandpaper and rough up your floors in spots. This damage can occur over a period of time and you might not be aware of it until a lot of damage has happened.

You don’t want to use any rubber-backed mats or rugs on your hardwood floors. They are not ventilated. You want to use mats and rugs that are made for hardwood floors. Pick them up and shake them out often to get rid of hidden dirt, grime, small rocks and other gritty articles.

If you have hardwood floors near sinks make sure to use the proper non-rubberized rugs or mats on the flooring. And make sure you have a good broom and sweep often to get rid of more dirt and grit.

Many people don’t realize until it’s too late how easy it is to dent a hardwood floor when they drop something. The kitchen can be one of the first places you will find damage. You might find yourself dropping small appliances, sharp knives and other equipment. It’s easy to do and kids and teens can be hard on the floors too. Have a talk with the kids and make them aware of the damage that can be done.

If your vacuum cleaner doesn’t have a beater bar it can get between the planks easier.

The proper way to clean your hardwood floors will depend a lot on the type of installation and the type of wood you have. If possible check back with the manufacturer to make sure you understand clearly how to clean it and treat it. They often have their own products and recommend using those.

If you have what is called a “Finish in Place” hardwood floor you can use a terrycloth mop that has a head that rotates that can get into corners and under the cabinets easier.

If the floor has a urethane finish it shouldn’t be waxed. Nor do you want to use any cleaners that can leave a residue. Just plain water may be better. Ordinary food spills can be quickly cleaned up with a little water usually. You may have to resort to a hardwood floor cleaner but make sure it’s the correct type for your floor. Some types can damage if it’s the wrong type.

Never use any ammonia or oil-type soaps on your wood floors. You may not be able to recoat your floor in the future. Make sure not to use a lot of water – just a little will do. The wood can swell up and it could crack or splinter down the line.

You can protect your floors from sunlight using the right window treatments. Change your furniture around from time to time to get varied use.

And make sure not to walk across your floors in stiletto or high heels. They can easily make dents. Trim your pet’s nails too if they tend to get long. By the way if you’ve heard of using vinegar I would not use it! And if you plan to put in a new floor you can install it yourself using lumber suppliers or even Costco or hire a hardwood floor contractor.

You can easily learn to clean a hardwood floor and protect it using these tips and save money in the process. There are a many other ways to take care of your flooring. Use common sense first of all and get the knowledge you need and your floors will last many years to come.

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