Cowhide Armchair

Cowhide Armchair. In addition, the varied and unique patterns and colorings of the cows themselves are echoed in each rug, preventing exact replication: even the texture is varied and individualized between products.

Many homeowners choose to place darkly-colored cowhides in areas of near-constant traffic, such as a foyer or other entrance way. The permanence of the pattern and texture itself is unaffected by regular wear and tear; cowskin rugs can be used for years at a time in such areas without any noticeable difference. This is particularly useful for those who have children or frequently entertain guests: the rug will offer an unparalleled first impression while also remaining uninjured by use unlike its more fragile alternatives. Fibers will fray and tear over time, requiring early replacement in busy locations, but a cowhide rug will not.

On the other hand, those pieces with an intriguing pattern can serve as an ideal wall-hanging or throw. With a wide variety of colors available to choose from, it isn’t difficult to find an appropriate scheme that complements any room needing an extra degree of flair. An old, comfortable couch or warm, friendly armchair can quickly become a stylistic element in any room by adding a simple cow skin throw or backdrop. The soft, silky nature of the cow skin rug lends itself easily to such uses and the natural coloration will deter any hints of gaudiness or insinuations of overstatement.

In a sleek, modern setting, a simple black and white rug can complement a streamlined coffee table impeccably, offering a quirky elegance to any layout. With a wide variety of patterns to choose from, the homeowner can easily opt for a cowhide rug that strikes a natural balance between pre-existing aspects of the room. Conversely, a warm tan or brown patterned rug can create an atmosphere of appealing homeliness when paired with any variety of furnishings, either as a throw or a wall hanging.

In short, this eco-friendly method of turning natural by-products into fashionable home decoration options has turned the many colours of cow skin into a parade of useful, versatile alternatives to manufactured or flimsy floor coverings. With the inherent durability of any hide, a cowskin rug can find its place equally in a peaceful inner sanctum or well-traveled entrance; the wide variety of colors only serve to aid the potential variability in placement of cow skin rugs, allowing them to function within the home to amplify or accentuate a wide variety of themes and environments.

Lisa Fitzgerald is the Marketing Manager for City Cows. City Cows is a UK-based retailer of natural animal skin rugs and throws. To view their range of cowhide rugs, and other natural animal skin products you can visit their website at

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