Decorating Ideas For Bedroom Dresser

Decorating Ideas For Bedroom Dresser . Are you decorating your girl’s room and you need some great ideas? There are a variety of themes and ideas that you can decorate a bedroom with depending on what you want. It is good have basic decorating ideas for whatever kind of room you decide to have. Here are ten great decorating ideas for a girl’s room.


Painting is probably one of the most important things to make a room beautifully decorated. Just pick the favorite color that your girl loves and paint with it. Paint the walls in her favorite color. You can even use a lighter shade on the opposite wall to give some depth and variety to the room.

You can paint the ceiling if it goes with the theme you want. A blue sky with moons and stars can make a room enchanted. You can even add glow-in-the-dark stars so her room comes alive at night. Be creative with your painting.


There are amazing colors and prints available for kids’ bedding. Use the fun print on the bedding to help you decide the color scheme for your little girl’s room. Have fun with the bedding.

Use accents

The best way to get that great paint job to stand out is by using accents. Accent the paint with some decorative pillows. Pillows always stand out on a beautiful bed. You can also add stuffed animals, rugs, bookshelves and colored frame pictures to accent the paint.

Curtains and Blinds

When doing curtains and blinds, make sure to keep them a solid color. The bedding and accents will already be enough color for the room. Try and use sheer or semi sheer curtains for the girl’s room because this allows the right amount of light to come in. You can also combine them with blinds, so you can keep the light out when it’s time for bed..


What little girl doesn’t like looking at themselves in the mirror? Little girls love checking themselves out and making sure they look good. Place a mirror above the dresser or somewhere where she can use it often.

Add Quotes

A great modern look to a girl’s room is to add vinyl or painted quotes to the walls. Say things like, “Love”, or “Joy”, or “Little girls have the most fun”. Be creative with your sayings. This adds so much character to a room and your girl will love it.


Adding a little table or desk for them to color on or to be creative is always nice in their room. This way when they are pretending, they can have a place to color, have a tea party, or cook their favorite meal.


If there is room you can add bean bag chairs or a comfy stool to create a fun space for them to read. Having a reading corner is always a fun idea, and kids usually love a special place to read.

Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are great for sleepovers and slumber parties. Or take a look at loft beds, that provide either a study desk or extra storage.


The lighting in the room is very important in a child’s room. You can either use bright lamp shades or just simple lights, whichever you prefer. Make sure the lights are well placed and oriented, illuminating the right corners of the room. A light in their reading corner or next to their bed are good places. Lighting always accents any room.

Make a Theme

When doing all this work, try for a different look and make a fun theme out of the room. You could make a beach or ocean room, a fish room, a jungle room, a princess room or anything else you can think of that your girl would like. You can even decorate with pictures from a vacation you took and make the theme your vacation. Kids love to be able to walk into a fantasy to sleep in.

Designing a girl’s bedroom should be easy if you know what your daughter likes. Let her help you decorate with what she likes. Follow these ten great decorating ideas for a girl’s room and she will love it. Plus, when it is done how she likes, she will want to spend hours at a time in there and will be anxious to invite her friends over to play in it.

Often times homeowners find that their master bedroom is the most neglected room of the home when it comes to decorating. It could be that they ran out of money or ideas after doing the rest of the house, or they just never got around to decorating the room like they wanted to.

Instead of waiting until you have the time to decorate your master bedroom, here are some quick and easy decorating ideas that will instantly add some style to the master bedroom.

How to Decorate Your Walls

A new paint color can take a bedroom in a whole new direction. Painting is very simple to do, inexpensive, and does not take that much time. You have many different options when it comes to painting the master bedroom.

You can repaint the whole room a new color that matches your bedding or in whatever color scheme that you want your room to contain if you are buying new bedding. You can also choose to go even easier route and only paint an accent wall, like the one that your bed is against.

Another quick decorating idea for master bedrooms is hang up a painting on one wall. This could be any type of painting that you want for the decor of the room. It could also be a couple different smaller paintings hung in a random pattern. You can find paintings and even photographs at your local department store or even at discount stores.

Choosing Bedding with Redecorating Your Home

The bed is the focal point of a bedroom. It’s a good idea to start with the bedding first if you don’t know what type of decor you want in the bedroom. Go shopping at several different places or even browse online for different ideas for the bedding.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on your bedding set, as you can always find something simple and add to it. Pillows are a great way to add some decoration to your bed. Inexpensive throw pillows can add some design style to a plain bedding set. If you want a romantic environment in your bedroom you can even hang tulle or silk from the ceiling around your bed as a canopy coming from the ceiling.

Finding the Right Bedroom Furniture

Remove any clutter that may be on top of other furniture in the room such as dressers or nightstands. It’s a lot easier to decorate a room when you don’t have a mess on top of things. Put away any items that can be put away in the drawers and get rid of other items that you don’t need.

Then you can use these pieces to add accessories to the room as well. A unique lamp makes a great addition to a nightstand, while candles or a vase of flowers can add style to a dresser.

Decorating a master bedroom does not have to be as complicated as one may think. Adding simple design touches here and there can have you enjoying a space that is all your own.

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