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Decorating Mobile Homes Photos . Of all the the personalized touches in a home, nothing says more than pictures of friends and family. Your wedding portrait in the hallway, your children’s baby pictures on the mantel; no home would be complete without images like these. The problem we all run into, however, is how to display them. There comes a point where you start running out of space for standing picture frames or you can’t find frames that match. It’s frustrating, especially when you have to take down a treasured photo to make room for a new one. Thankfully there’s more than just one way to display these centerpieces of the home. Some allow you to save space and others create a creative space that functions as art as well as a collection of memories. Here are a few of my new favorite ways to display photos.

The Photo Mobile

This is such a great idea. A constantly moving, dynamic piece that can also display your favorite photos. It’s an especially great way to display pictures in a child’s room and it can even work for teen. I have no doubt it would be easy to make one of your own but if you don’t have the time or are DIY challenged, it’s also incredibly inexpensive. I found the Kikkerland Randon Hanging Photo Mobile on for $13.99!

Create a Signature Timepiece

Record Clock

Photos are representations of the past so what better way to display them than on a clock? You can attach photos to almost anything (a plate, wood surface, etc) and drill a hole through the middle to create a clock. All you need is some craft glue, like Mod Podge and a clock kit.

Glass Jar Frames

Every time I throw out a glass food jar I think, “What a waste.” We pay so much for glass but throw it away every day. Well now there’s a great way to recycle those old jars. And it’s so easy! All you have to do is soak off the label on a jar and slide a photo in upside down. There’s really nothing to it at all and it’s a fun, quirky way to show off your family photos with a modern twist.

Decoupage a Table

When you’re entertaining guests, the coffee table is central to the evening. So can you think of a better place for a functional photo frame? Simply take an old table and attach pictures to the table top using a craft glue like Mod Podge. Then, get a piece of glass cut to the shape of the table top to protect your photos from coffee spills.

The Mattress Spring Frame

Ever wonder what to do with the hundreds of photos you take of your newborn child? Here’s a way to capture a whimsical theme and display these memories tastefully. Firefly Hill Designs executed an idea found in Country Home Magazine and has come up with a way to reuse your baby’s old crib mattress spring as a customized photo frame. Simply spray paint it the color of your choice (they picked white) and attach photos and other memorabilia with colorful, hand-painted clothes pins.

The Eyeglass “Frame”

This is probably my favorite of the ideas listed here. Do you have any old glasses frames lying around the house? Even if you don’t, this is still a great concept! Pick up some old frames from a thrift store and make sure they don’t have tinted or cracked lenses. Pop out one lens and use it to trace around two small pictures. Cut around the pictures to fit the lens size. Then push the pictures into the frames. Ta-da! Done. You can display them on a mantle or hang them on a wall fixture. Or, if you prefer, remove the arms of the frames and thread fishing line through the holes that previously held the glasses screws. Then, attach them to the walls. So simple and so neat!

Decorating your home can be exciting and fun. If you’ve done it before, however, you know that it is not an easy task. It requires careful planning, and sometimes, even if you think you’ve already got everything down in the planning phase, unexpected events still turn up. They can spoil everything from the schedule of activities for the day to your budget and mood. Whether it’s the wrong paint color, inaccurate measurements, purchasing items you forgot you needed or finding the right screw types, miscalculations in these areas can be a source of major headaches.

Luckily, some blessed souls have created wonderful home decorating apps for iPhones, that are not only very helpful, but also enables you to save a lot of money on professional fees and other project expenses. If you are looking for professionally-done design inspirations, color matching ideas or even a close estimate to your construction costs, all these are available with iPhone apps.

Introducing to you some of the best and most creative ideas in iPhone application programming-the coolest iPhone apps for home decorating:

Dream Home. Figuring in the top 50 Apps overall in iTunes, Dream Home is a popular source of interior design ideas. It features photos of spaces designed by professional designers. Each high-resolution photo can be zoomed over in sections to enable closer inspection. You can filter your searches by color, type, style and room, and all photos are divided into the recent, popular and favorite folders. It’s an easy-to-use and information-rich app that you will truly find helpful in your search for design inspirations.

Palettes. If you’re having problems choosing and matching the right colors for your space, try Palettes. You begin by taking colors from a website, a photo or from any of their five color models. You will then be directed to the matching colors depending on the scheme.

Use this multi-purpose color app as well when designing your website or even when putting together an outfit for a special occasion.

IHandy Carpenter. IHandy Carpenter turns your iPhone into an all-in-one plumb bob, surface leveler, bubble leveler, a ruler and protractor. Keep in mind to calibrate your iPhone before using, as sensors are made different from each other. It’s a simple test, but heavily important if you want accurate read-out.

Home Sizer. This is an ingenious app that can potentially save you problems in home or space construction and future home mortgage. With Home Sizer, you get to find out how much construction of your home or space is going to cost (based on the square footage you key in).

Planning to build a new home? You will find the mortgage calculator very helpful. If you think the mortgage costs are too high, you can reduce the area of your home and the app will recalculate. Do this until you get down to an amount that will suit your monthly budget.

InchCALC. Accurate measurements are extremely important in construction and DYI-ing. You can get down to the fastest and most accurate conversion of fractions to decimals with inchCALC. You can also add amounts without having to convert into units, saving you tons of precious time and energy.

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