Egyptian Decorating Ideas

Egyptian Decorating Ideas. Ancient Egypt is a mysterious world, which seems very alien to our modern sensibilities. Divided from us by several millennia, it involved a completely different way of life than the one we are used to living today. However, the people who lived in, and created that world, were very similar to the people walking the earth today, their thoughts, and feelings, and emotions were all just as important to them, they just spoke a different language, and expressed themselves in different ways.

This mystery can be quite enchanting, and is part of the reason why so many are interested in incorporating ancient Egyptian decorative items into their homes.

When trying to create an ancient Egyptian atmosphere, the first place you should start is with color. Egypt is dominated by its dessert location, and so sand colored tones should dominate your space. Soft yellows, mixed with gold and sunset tones, can blend together to create a sense of the endless dessert sands. Accent this with a variety of powerful red hues to add interest to the scheme.

Netting, palm tree décor, and the use of fountains can serve to create a decorative oasis in your sandy colored palace. The use of rich colors, and lavish accessories is another way to create a sense of luxury, which will contrast the harsh unyielding dessert colors.

The way to really complete the Egyptian decorative scheme is to sue reproduction and antique objects from ancient Egyptian culture. The most common objects will be statues of mummies, or various other items involved with the mummification process, although you can also find a variety of obelisks and pyramids which will work just as well.

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