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Egyptian Home . The history, culture and styles of Egypt entice many people. Their rich and mysterious past makes Egypt a very intriguing place. If you want to bring some of this mystery and wonder into your home, you should consider decorating in the Egyptian style. One of the ways to do this is with Egyptian masks. Hang these masks throughout your home and add Egyptian themes, colors and artifacts for a home that is fit for a pharaoh.

Egyptian masks come in a variety of styles. Some are like those you see in movies, gold and blue and green masks for dead mummies and royalty. Others might be in the shapes of animals such as the sphinx. Masks were often used in Egyptian culture to preserve and honor dead people and pets, in ancient religious ceremonies and in celebration and décor. You can use these masks throughout your home to evoke the styles of the pyramids.

Decorating with Egyptian masks can be tricky. In order to do it with class and good taste, there are a few things you should keep in mind. If you choose an ornate or large Egyptian mask, try to keep the rest of the room basic and neutral so the room is not overwhelming or tacky. You can use smaller masks to accent an already well-decorated home without being gaudy. You can also use small masks in unlikely places such as the bathroom, to bring a touch of whimsy to a dark or minimalist space.

In addition to Egyptian masks, there are other ways to evoke ancient pyramids and pharaohs throughout your home. The color schemes that you choose will go along way to complimenting the masks you decorate with. Choose gold, bronze and deep brown to bring your décor theme full circle. You can also use smaller Egyptian artifacts such as statues, plaques and tools to complete the Egyptian theme in your home.

Find authentic Egyptian masks [], art and artifacts – use these beautiful pieces of African culture [] to decorate your home, garden or office. The African decorating theme is gaining in popularity. This is due to its neutrality and versatility, as well as its warm and natural beauty. You can get in on the trend with African art. Art with African themes is a great option for anyone looking to start small with the African decorating theme or anyone who wants to add to an already Africa-themed room. For more on cultural and traditional art of the world visit Asian Furniture [].

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