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File Cabinet Smoker Video. Anyone who enjoys a barbecue and knows anything about the process is sure to be aware of the fact that meat smoked to perfection will always taste the best. With so many options available to the buyer, which is the one to go for? Well, in my humble opinion, it’s the Bradley Digital Smoker 4 Rack system.

This innovative smoker has all the essential options plus more – it smokes the food for the amount of time, temperature and smoke level you require at the touch of a button. You set the parameters you require and let the smoker do the hard work for you.

It’s very easy to use and requires no interference once you’ve set the controls to the settings you require. It’s also very easy to set up given that it’s an easy to handle cabinet shape, indeed it’s no harder to set up than a refrigerator of the same size. The sleek design has no sharp edges and is safe to use.

The all important Bradley Digital Smoker 4 Rack Specifications:

* Offers Easy and full digital control 
* 4 cooking racks. Dimensions – 15″W x 11″D x 1″H 
* Has an automatic shut off 
* 8 hours of fully controlled smoke 
* Unit dimensions: 18 x 20 x 34 inches 
* Smoking cabinet is fully insulated 
* Shipping weight: 46 pounds 
* Warranty: 12 months limited

The Bradley is well worth the initial investment as it is durable, reliable and it takes all the hit and miss out of your smoking and barbecue endeavours.

An electric smoker has its own unique style and features. The 3 basic features in using electric smokers are temperature control, extra capacity and safety.

Most electric smokers have temperature control settings just like an oven. It is calibrated to preset a temperature and hold it without maintenance. Others have enough control for cold smoking to flavor the food. This technique uses smoke in order to flavor meats without actual cooking.

Electric smokers come in various sizes. Some can be as big as a trashcan or a large grill, depending on one’s food needs. Large units can smoke a bigger volume of meat and looks like a cabinet or refrigerator. Others can be as big as one entire room with a smoking system installed in it.

Many electric smokers process smoking without any fire for safer use. Some have time control features to prevent over smoking.

A Luhr Jensen smoker is a box-typed electric smoker. The fifty pound capacity is called the Big chief. The 256 pound capacity is the Little Chief. These maintain a 165 degree temperature automatically, particularly when full. It also maintains 70 degrees for outdoor temperature. Little Chief can smoke up to 15 pounds of fish and meat. The Big Chief can smoke up to 50 pounds.

Luhr Jensen smokers are easy to use since it comes with an instruction guide and a recipe book. The first part of the smoking process ensures pasteurized food being raised over 146oF. Food will finish cooking at a very low temperature with no controls or thermostats used.

Bradley smokers are versatile smokers that can be used for cold, hot and dry smoking. You can also use it for dehydration and roasting purposes. The smoker is ideal for all types of fish, meats and vegetables. The temperature can be set to 320oF maximum, for hot smoking and roasting. This appliance looks like a refrigerator. You put the food inside the shelves and let it stand until it finishes. It is very easy to use.

A smoke generator produces smoke and heat, with the ability to operate for 8 hours, unsupervised. Automatic smoke generators have infinite controls. It has two separate heating elements. One is for burning the flavor bisquettes and the other is for the inner part or the smoker cabinet. Bisquettes can be placed one at a time. Low temperature can be controlled.

Cookshack Smoker lines have adjustable temperature set for about 100 to 250oF. It requires small amounts of wood for the flavor of smoke. The temperature can be adjusted to warm when the food is done. This can be used outdoors in the park just by the backyard.

Brinkmann 810-7080-8 slowly cooks and smokes barbeque. The two chrome-plated steel grills can hold up to 50 pounds of food. Top and bottom grill cooks are set at the same temperature. You can place the meat that cooks faster on top for easy removal. There is also a separate base pan for easy cleaning and set up. Brinkmann 810-7080-8 is also good in smoking turkeys.

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