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File Cabinet Smoker. If you live in a very cold, northern area of the country, using your Bradley BTIS1 Food Smoker has its benefits and challenges. We’ll be talking about them in this article.

Some of you reading this article live in the frigid mid-west states or the northeast part of our country and want to enjoy the great taste of smoked meats and fish in the wintertime, too. Will the near zero and sub-zero temperatures affect the smoking process of your Bradley BTIS1 Food Smoker?

As long as you keep your smoker cabinet out of the blasting wind, your smoker will work just fine outdoors in the winter. Many users have used thermal blankets of various kinds to keep the internal temperature of the smoker more constant. Bradley has a blanket already designed for your smoker, and others have used material such as wraps for water heaters and have found them to work just fine as well.

Cold cooking in the winter, of course, is easier, too, as the outside temperature will keep the cabinet cool, but you just have to make sure that the internal temperature is not too cool. Again, if your cabinet is kept out of the wind, you have more ability to control the internal temperature.

Bradley has understood how people want to enjoy their smoked foods all year long and they have designed their smoker to adapt to all extremes in the weather elements since the smoker is an outdoor smoker. So, take the steps mentioned in this article. Again, keep the smoker out of the direct blasts of wind in the winter, use a wrap around the cabinet if your temperatures drop severely low in the winter, and enjoy both cold and warm smoking and cooking all year round.

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