Floor Mattress Ideas

A mattress is what we sleep on literally!

Floor Mattress Ideas. Technically, a mattress is a large flat pad shaped to support the human body in a reclining position. Mattresses can be used on a solid support base like a bed or cot or placed on the floor. They can be made from a single piece of material like foam or rubber or cloth or contain layers, an outer forming the top and base and the inner containing stuffing material. Both the layers are held together through sewn threads or machine grips and a covering may be placed around the whole to give it extra strength and durability.

The word ‘mattress’ is of Arabic origin; ‘matrah’ is used to denote ‘something thrown on the floor’ like a cushion or mat and the usage was adopted by the European Crusaders who slept on the floor on cushions in Arabic tradition. The use of the word has since been modified to English usage.

Mattresses can be made from coir, animal hair and straw, bits of cotton, foam or rubber packed tightly together. The bottom layer is usually fortified to take the weight of the body and not sag under; modern mattresses are double layered with metal springs to give it a springy feel and support the body.

In the early and mid 20th century, mattress makers in North America made them with an inner spring core and fiberfill. Later mattresses contained materials such as latex, flexible polyurethane foams and viscoelastic as fill components. Other components included insulator pads placed over the coils.

James Marshall, an English engineer, introduced ‘marshall coils, the first pocketed spring coil mattress. He founded Marshall Mattress, which still operates in Toronto, Canada. His patented idea is now commonly referred to as ‘Marshall Coils’.

A typical mattress sold today in the US contains an inner spring. However, all-foam mattresses and hybrid beds that use a combination of inner spring and high-end foams are much in demand today all over the world.

The process of making a mattress is known as ‘construction’. There are two primary sections – a support layer and the comfort layer. The core or support layer is what gives the mattress shape, strength and evenness; usually this contains cotton, foam, rubber or coir while the comfort layer provides the cushioning and comfort and support for the body. The comfort layer or the upholstery layer as it is more commonly known may be in three parts – an insulator, middle upholstery and the outer quilt.

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