Garlic Grater And Oil Dipping Dish

Garlic Grater And Oil Dipping Dish. Pottery is one of the most prolific crafts in Asheville, NC, and the western part of the state in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The artistic community, abundance of raw material, and craft tradition draws artists to the area. Birdfoot Ridge Studio from just north of town produces a wide range of pottery, from hand painted tableware to a Zen collection. Here are some of the more unique designs we have seen in the Asheville area:

Brie Baker- this shallow round piece with small handles fits a 5-6″ wheel of brie and bakes right in the pot. He suggests adding some Jack Daniels, brown sugar, and sliced almonds before baking in a 350 degree oven for about 10 minutes. Serve right in the pot, perhaps accompanied with another little nip of the Jack.

Garlic Grater- this is a small flared dish with high sides, spout, and a rough, textured bottom. Take whole garlic cloves and rub them on the bottom of the dish to grate, adding some olive oil and herbs for dipping. Either dip right out of the pot or pour into another dish. Why not save that other dish for something else?

Pillow Pot- here is a pillow shaped pot with three holes on the top for putting a flower in. It holds water if necessary and adds a nice touch to your table setting.. Comes in a variety of colors, some with hand painted images.

Bread Baker- Good thick stoneware is perfect for baking. It conducts and holds heat very well, which is why clay ovens bake the best pizza’s. This bread baker creates a nice crust on top and a softer bottom. With this clay bread baker you can rise, bake, and serve your bread in the same pot.

Egg Scrambler- A small dish you rub with oil, crack your eggs in, and scramble them with seasonings and whatever creative additions you like. Microwave for 30-45 seconds and away you go. Great for a bachelor. Who knew you could microwave eggs?

Ikebana vases

Birdfoot Ridge Studio also produces a Zen collection which includes a variety of Ikebana style vases, bamboo sconces, and water features.

The ikebana is a Japanese style of flower arranging that focuses on clean lines and simple forms instead of the traditional bunching up of flowers that we see in a normal western arrangements. In the ikebana style, the structure holding the plant has as much emphasis as the flowers, so choose your vase with care.

It’s a refreshing minimalist take on flower arrangement and its enjoyable to let your imagination flow with each placement. With less to work with, arranging an ikebana takes focus and keeps you in the present moment, as a form of meditation. Almost anything can be used for an Ikebana arrangement: Experiment with sticks, grasses, and leaves in addition to flowers.

The Ikebana vases from Birdfood Ridge have a minimalist, dark glaze and designs inspired by nature. They range from simple arrangers to bigger pieces that can be used as an oil lamp or to hold water for flowers.

Lee Davis from Birdfoot Ridge Studio has been producing crafts in Asheville for over 30 years, and has taught two generations of potters. His work can be seen at the Southern Highland Craft Fair, which happens twice a year in the spring and fall, or at local galleries in downtown Asheville, NC. He also participates in the Weaverville, NC studio tour, where he opens up his studio to the public.

Crafts in Asheville from Van Dyke Jewelry and Fine Craft.

You can see some of the latest work from Birdfoot Ridge Studio on our Squidoo Lens:

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