Glitz And Glam Home Decor

Glitz And Glam Home Decor. Maybe you’re the rustic type and enjoy things that are simple and uncomplicated; or maybe you’re really earthy and like natural materials and warm tones. Or, you might be daring and outgoing and love glitz and glam. Whatever your personality, you can let it loose in your home with the right home accessories.

The best part of accessorizing your home to fit your personality is that fact that they can be changed to fit your mood. Is it winter? Fill your home with treasures that reflect the spirit of the season. Is it summer? Use colors and textures more suitable for the warmer weather. You can add and switch out pieces that coincide with the seasons, holidays or with your changing emotions!

The easiest way to start is with your walls. Many people underutilize their walls for decorating – but there is so much you can do with walls for your home decor other than hanging three generations of family photos on them. There’s an enormous amount of accessories that can grace your walls in every room of your house. Think about not just paintings, but also decorative mirrors, modern wall clocks and wall sculptures that will fit into any modern home decor.

Even window dressings like blinds, custom drapes or even art glass can really let the sun shine in. Keep your color scheme in mind when choosing these accessories for your home, so that every piece plays off another. Experiment with varying hues of your color choices in different textiles, designs and shapes to really add to the dimension in your home.

Other home accessories that can reflect your personality are statues, candles, vases and even bowls. Many of these accessories can add a touch of elegance to your home. Even changing the type of dinnerware you set out can have a drastic effect on your dining room. If your couches are “blah” get some colorful throw pillows. If your dining table is “so-so”, get out the placemats and invest in some nice glasses!

Equally as important as what you use to accessorize, is where you place it. There are many spots often overlooked that you can dress up. For instance, place statutes by your front door on either side. Or, if you have a green thumb, use that empty corner to place plant stands and start your own colorful mini-greenhouse. Put shelves up in the kitchen or dining room and line them with decorative plates.

You can really be passionate about decorating and let your personality run free, just by placing a few accessories and turn on the walls in your home with art paintings. Think about other homes you’ve been in – was it cozy, modern, classic? What do you want people to feel when they enter your home?

With the introduction of our new crystal framed mirrors range we’ve been thinking all things glam recently and let’s face it we all take pride in our homes aiming to create a glamorous look. In an ideal world I’m sure most of us would love to fill our homes with swanky pieces that would make our homes feel like a palace however this can be attained without the designer price tag. There are ways of creating luxurious glamorous look without having expensive tastes. Plus adding that touch of glamour to your home will make it feel that bit extra special around the festive season.

Defining glamour:

Many designers will define glamour in your home as “having an air of allure, adventure romance and excitement” Glamorous can be a room or furniture within that space that exude beauty and elegance. Often glamorous homes are sophisticated, elegant and bold with statement pieces. Glamorous interiors are most definitely about quality and not quantity.

Start with the basics:

So you want your home to look glamorous dazzling with sparkle and luxury. You will be surprised how the slightest efforts can take your home from its classic self to a glamorous space. There are certain foundations that create a glamorous home that you should always start off with first. These smaller efforts will help with the bigger picture adding to that desired opulence.

Ensuring your house remains neat and tidy is an underwritten rule when it comes to glamorous interiors. If you have mirrored furniture or metal ornaments ensuring they are polished can help create a serene feel fingerprints and dust do not bode with glitz and glamour. Additionally do not over clutter your space displaying fewer accessories will create a much more effective impact. As we’re approaching the festive season selecting subtle shiny metallic accessories is a great start in creating a glamorous feel in your home.

Statement pieces:

Investing in statement pieces is the perfect way to add glamour to your home. Whether it be a large splurge on a luxurious sofa that will stand the test of time or an accent mirror that will create a stunning impact on your wall both will add that desired opulent feel to your living space. Chandeliers are another great statement piece as they can instantly change the whole dynamic of your living space.

Chandeliers are also appearing in unexpected locations such as kitchens and bathrooms and are offered in a range of designs form classic French to more modern finishes. Mirrored furniture is also another sound investment when it comes to adding glamour. Console tables, sideboards and bedside tables are fantastic eye catching pieces that not only dazzle in the light but many designs ooze that vintage Hollywood glamour feel. Our Rhombus range offers a beautiful collection of mirrored furniture pieces all embellished with beautiful glass crystals.

Decorative Glamorous Accessories:

There are lots of other decorative glamorous accessories available helping to finish off the desired glamorous style. Remember its quality over quantity so investing in a few subtle accessories is much more effective that cluttering every available space. Table lamps and candles are fantastic ways to add that touch of opulence as well as helping to create a charming atmosphere. Glass and monochrome finished table lamps will add to the glamorous look whilst candle lanterns and candelabras will create a more traditional glamorous feel.

Glamorous Colour Palette:

With us approaching Winter and the festive season a focus on darker colour tones can help to create a glamorous feel. Rich colours with lots of shiny metallic are perfect for Christmas decors. Traditional glamorous colour palettes include rich silks in blue, red and gold these classic colours evoke a feeling of glamour. The neutral feel of grey linen upholstery and natural grain of wood combined with glamorous crystal accessories can create a fantastic French rustic feel that is exceptionally glamorous.

Experiment with different colours and accessories possibly rotating with the seasons to create that desired glamorous feel in your own home.

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