Gothic Home Decor Ideas

Gothic Home Decor Ideas. Decorating with a Gothic flair is all the rage these days. Turn on any home decorating television show and you will see hints of gothic inspiration in all sorts of designs. If you are looking for a new style for your room, consider the gothic look. People who are partial to spirituality or the look of elegant churches and old world style are sure to love this theme. Try these tips to add a gothic design to your home.

Begin by changing the look of your walls. This style typically consists of stone walls reminiscent of the homes built during the Gothic era. You could create the look with walls made of fake stones or you could recreate the look with paint. Another option is to just pull paint color choices from the stone colors. Try natural blues, purples, or grays to give your walls the soft feel of stone.

Choose furniture that is natural looking with lots of solid wood. Beautiful mahogany bookcases or armoires are a good choice for this type of decor. You should also incorporate wood in your flooring. Natural wood floors or even stone floors are a good choice. Stamped concrete can give you the look of natural stone in your flooring. Because these options are all a bit cold, you should make sure to include plenty of oriental rugsto soften the effect and warm the space up. Choose warm wool rugsin bold colors and bright designs. Go for the oval rugs rather than square rugsto keep with the feel of Gothic style.

You should also incorporate a lot of beautiful, rich fabrics into your space. Gothic style brings to mind thick, heavy fabrics that are of the highest quality. Sheer or silk window treatments do not look appropriate for this kind of room. Instead, go for heavy drapes in dark, deep colors and formal patterns. Elaborate swirls and stripes would be a beautiful choice as long as they are heavy duty fabrics and look more elegant rather than contemporary.

When you are choosing accessories for your design, look for sculptures and carvings that depict people or scenes from the Gothic era. Still life paintings are the most appropriate choice for this type of design. You should steer clear of modern art pieces that are abstract and unrealistic. Candles are another great accent for Gothic rooms. Choose formal silver and gold candle holders and fill them with candles in deep reds, blacks, or burnt yellows.

Gothic lighting calls for a classic crystal chandelier. You can find these at old estate sales for a fraction of the price in hardware stores. Choose a chandelier that is scaled to your room in size. Hang it in the center so it receives prominent attention. This is the perfect focal point for your space.

Creating a Gothic style in your home is not as difficult as you might think. Select a few pieces that are from the Gothic era and recreate the rest with paint, art work, and lighting.

Fran is an expert contributing author happy sharing her ideas about interior design with a Gothic flair. Her tip for keeping your room modern is to lay oval rugs or wool rugs on your floor and change them often.

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