Hardwood Floors With Cherry Cabinets

Hardwood Floors With Cherry Cabinets. Planning to go for hardwood flooring is just not enough, you have to select the right wood for your hard wood flooring as well. Different kinds of wood have different features and characteristics, and if you want your house to look the way you want it to be, then you should also select the right of wood for your hardwood flooring. You might not find any demerits in different wood types that are recommended for the construction of hardwood floor, but you should know the characteristics of every kind of wood so that you select the wood for your hardwood according to your needs and requirements.

Following are the 4 popular kinds of wood that you can use for your wooden flooring. These include the following.

Red and White Oak

Red and White Oak is known as the wood that can be used for almost every type of wood work. Red and white oak is light in color. However you can also find traces of pink in Red Oak. White Oak is known to be a little harder as compared to the red oak. Therefore it makes it easier for a woodworker to work with Red Oak because he can saw it much more easily as compared to the White Oak.

American Cherry

American Cherry is especially used for cabinet making. However, it is widely used for making wooden flooring as well! American Cherry is surely the type of wood that can be easily sawed or nailed because it is not as hard as White and Red Oak. American Cherry is perfect for people who want to go with darker flooring. This is because it is rich in tone and as the time passes it becomes much richer. This is due to the fact that it is overly photosensitive wood.

Hard Maple

As the name suggests, this is the hardest type of wood. Hard Maple is consistent in texture as well as color and its scratch resistant quality makes it a perfect choice for hardwood flooring. Hard Maple is being used by the American settlers for centuries due its endurance and is still being used widely.

Brazilian Cherry

The most attractive feature of Brazilian Cherry is its reddish brown color which ultimately changes into maroon after some time. Other than the color, it is also one of the strongest kinds of wood. If you are looking for exotic colors and durability for your hard-wood flooring then Brazilian Cherry is surely the best choice to go with, as it gives you exotic color and durability at the same time.

All the above discussed kinds of wood are regarded as the best for flooring and all that you have to do is to select the right one for yourself. All of them vary in color, durability and cost, so go with the one that suits you best and fits your requirement! Knowing about the options you have is the first step towards making an informed choice.


A hardwood that comes in several varieties including, red hardwood, Oregon and western species. Color is consistent from pinkish brown to almost white. This material usually contains no distinct grain but can have moderate straight uniform grain. Alder is a soft hardwood that can be worked well. It has low tensile strength, is light weight, low shock and dense wood. Since it is a light softer hardwood it can be nailed, screwed and painted or stained.

Alder is used in many products from flooring to furniture and kitchen cabinets, often used when a rustic effect is desired.


Color ranges from white, through cream, to a light brown. Usually a straight grain with uniform texture. This species is heavy and hard which makes for strong floor with high tensile strength. With large pores this wood accepts most any stain.

Ash is used for flooring, furniture and sporting good. It was once the preferred wood in making tennis rackets. It machines well, good for nails, screws and glue. Dries easily with little degrade or difference in performance.

Black Walnut

A tight grained hardwood that polishes to a very smooth finish that improves with age. It’s color is a dark brown onto a purplish black. When its kiln dried it’s color usually leads to a dull brown and air drying creates a purplish-brown.

With a beautiful grain it is often straight grained which can sometimes have waves or curls, but can vary greatly and grows more lustrous as it ages. It is a hard wood with a medium density and moderate crushing and bending strength with low stiffness.

Works well when machined, nails, cuts, screws and glues well. Stains easily with slow dry time. Used in flooring, cabinets, gunstocks, carvings, instruments, millwork and much more. It is also a sought after veneer material.


Is known for its impressive beauty and woodworking qualities. It is one of the easiest wood species to work with, from high luster flooring to high end cabinetry. With an excellent resistance to moisture, it shows minimal swelling and shrinking, making it very versatile as a flooring product.

Color is a reddish brown that darkens with exposure to sun light and age. Grain is straight with a smooth texture. Cherry is medium density and strength and stiffness. The hardwoods grain pattern is quite distinctive with small gum pockets and pith flecks running through it. It nails and glues quite and can be finished with a smooth finish when sanded.

Hard Maple

As one of the hardest of all maple species, it is one of the most reliable types of wood. It produces a straight grain, uniform texture and nature strength. Makes an excellent choice for flooring, furniture and popular as a veneer. Works well in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Color runs from cream to a light reddish brown. Hard maple has uniform texture and is usually straight in grain. It can also exhibit burl or birds eye grain patterns. Takes stain well and can be polished for a high quality finish.

Since this hardwood ranks high on the hardness scale, it is advisable to pre-drill before nailing or screwing.

Red Oak

Because it is one of the most abundant hardwood species it makes it one of the most popular after maple and cherry. Color ranges from a white cream color to pale brown, often tinted with red. Straight grained with a coarse texture.

Red oak is quite heavy and strong. It is also very hard with a high shock resistance. With these characteristics, it had outstanding wear resistance and durability. It machines well but pre-drilling is good practice if nailing or using screws.

White Oak

One of the most common flooring choices, because of its durability and strength which is also impermeable when it comes to moisture. For these same characteristics it has been used for many years and ship lumber and for wooden barrels.

The color is nearly white to a dark gray brown for the heartwood.

The color ranges from white to a dark gray brown. Most of the wood is straight grained with a medium to coarse texture. It’s grain can vary depending on sawing and slicing angles.

White oak is a very hard and strong wood with great wear resistance, that holds nails and screws quite well. It machines well and because of its hardness, it’s recommended to pre-drill before using nails or screws.

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