Holes In The Floor Of Heaven

Holes In The Floor Of Heaven. Many people redesign their homes, and only once the redesign is done do they think about the floor, and the type of flooring that would make the best effect. This is a mistake, because the floor design, and the materials that are used, will have a huge effect on the overall look of the room and the way it is perceived. However, many people are now realizing that it may be better to think of which floor materials are best for the rest of the room’s overall design, and they are choosing properly from the wide range of flooring materials that are now available.

A type of flooring material that has grown in popularity in recent years is antique heart pine. This flooring material is actually wood that has been saved from old buildings such as warehouses and factories, and has been being cut into planks to be reused for antique flooring. The great thing about this type of material is that it is totally unique, with each plank, or each batch of material, having a completely unique character, consisting of nail holes, damage to the grain and often large knots of wood which bring a great deal of character to the finished floor.

However, if you are thinking of choosing antique heart pine as a possibility for your flooring material you need to be aware that there are different grades which will seriously affect the overall look of the floor when it is finished. The highest grades of antique heart pine have very few knots in the wood, no nail holes, and very tight rings, which makes for an extremely subtle feel to the whole look. Of course this grade of antique heart pine is extremely expensive and is usually used in corporate environments where money is no option.

The low grades of antique heart pine will have more knots in the wood, and sometimes nail holes, which will lend a much more rustic feel, and so although this type of pine is probably not right for a corporate environment such as a boardroom it can look really great when it is installed into a residential setting, especially one where there is traditional furniture in a traditional overall design.

So if you are looking for flooring material that has real character it might be worth your while to take a look at antique heart pine, especially some of the low grades which can cost not much more than the equivalent modern laminate floor. The other great thing about this material is that it is extremely hard wearing, and so can end up being extremely economical due to its long-lasting nature, as well as adding a real antique beauty to any room.

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