Home Depot Sheet Flooring

Home Depot Sheet Flooring. When it comes to remodeling, you have many flooring options to choose from: hardwood, laminate, carpeting, marble and ceramic tile. Some of the materials are low maintenance while others require regular upkeep. Hardwood, laminate or tile work perfectly for the high traffic areas, such as living room, kitchen, hallway areas. Carpets are best for bedroom and other low traffic areas. There are several well-known and trusted brands in the industry, like Dupont, Mohawk, Mannington, Wilsonart and Armstrong that produce quality flooring products. 

Laminate is a good option for any room because it’s durable, easy to care for and looks great. Dupont laminate is one of the most popular brands. It is made out of quality materials and comes in various colors and patterns. It is reasonably priced and will fit any budget. 

If you are looking for one company that has all of the flooring options you want, choose Mannington. It produces everything from inexpensive vinyl to quality hardwood. The company has a long market history and offers a wide assortment of styles, colors and patterns. Mannington products are readily available online and are shipped directly to your home.

Another company that produces a variety of flooring products is Mohawk. You can choose carpet, laminate hardwood, marble or ceramic tile and even area rugs. The company has been in business for over a 100 years and has a wide variety of quality products to offer. Mohawk hardwood and laminate floors are made out of oak, maple, cherry, white oak, hickory and northern red oak. The floors are covered with a scratch-resistant urethane finish that increases its durability. Mohawk products are available at Home Depot.

Armstrong Flooring Company is synonymous with strength and durability. The company offers three unique products: wood laminate, stone laminate and texture laminate. Wood laminate is the most popular because many prefer the look of natural wood floors. Armstrong sells several do-it-yourself kits that do not require any special skills or tools. One kit already has glue on one side of each piece. It needs to be moistened to be installed. Other kids have interlocking system that is also easy to install. If you prefer professional installation, this option is also available through Armstrong. 

There are plenty of options when it comes to replacing the floors in your home. There are products to fit any taste, any decor, any budget. Check for these and other products online or at your local home improvement store. 

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