Home Theater Wall Decor Plaques Signs

Home Theater Wall Decor Plaques Signs. Home theaters are becoming more and more popular by the day. What used to be seen as an extravagant room only to be seen in the homes of the rich and famous is now a common room in today’s new homes. The home theater room provides an opportunity to decorate in a way that allows you to express your interests and passions.

The movie poster, once relegated to the local movie theater wall or to the college dorm room is making a push into mainstream decorating; in fact some home owners are using a Hollywood theme throughout their entire home.

Movie posters are the obvious decorating choice for today’s home theater decor. They will allow you to showcase your favorite movies and can easily be incorporated into any number of movie theater themes. A vintage or classic theme is a very popular decorating theme. There are many nostalgic black and white movie posters as well as vibrant contrasting colors that can make a dramatic impression.

Consider not only your favorite movies, but also what about a theme with your favorite actor, actress or director. In addition to framed movie posters, you could also incorporate memorabilia or pictures from your favorites.

Movie posters are traditionally composed of bright and vibrant colors in an attempt to draw the attention of the movie going public which makes for an attractive piece of artwork for your home theater. Keep in mind that many movie posters will be offered in both a single sided poster as well as double sided. The double-sided poster will have the mirror image on the reverse side of the poster. This will ensure a more vibrant color, particularly when used with frames such as a lightbox.

A lightbox is an ideal way to showcase a poster. A lightbox will light the picture from the rear with diffused light for a dramatic presentation of your movie poster. Along with the lightbox, there are a wide variety of poster cases and movie poster marquees including some with miniature bulb chase lights to mimic the local movie theaters. A case will protect your poster and allow you to easily rotate the poster without reframing making it easy to have a now showing poster for the movie that you are currently showing to your guests in your theater.

Of course you don’t need an elaborate lit case in order to show off your movie posters. You can frame, mat and mount your poster and enclose it in glass for a classy presentation in any color or style to match the rest of your room’s décor.

As you can see the addition of movie posters to your home theater is a great way to enhance your home movie theater décor and show off your individual personality and style.

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