Hoosier Cabinet Sugar Bin

Hoosier Cabinet Sugar Bin. Hoosier cabinet is a household name in the early twentieth century. This name was taken from the manufacturer Hoosier Manufacturing Co. It is famous because it is an all-in-one convenient cabinet. All its parts, including the Hoosier cabinet door catch is made from good quality of products that lasts for many years.

The Hoosier cabinet also known as a Hoosier Beauty is a cabinet with a height of 71 inches including its wheels and a width of 41 inches. This cabinet is composed of three areas; these are the base area, the top area and the bottom area. The top part has small drawers with doors and a large lower compartment which houses the roll-top or tambour. The base section on the other hand, is made up of one huge compartment which contains the slide-out shelf and the other half of it contains many drawers as well. The bottom part is connected with the top area and is joined by metal channels. These metals are used to direct the sliding countertop, which also has drawers connected to it, in its position.

Aside from the intricately designed cabinet, there are also accessories associated with it. These are the kitchen equipments which are either installed or built in with the cabinet. Among these are the racks for the spices and other accessories in cooking. There is also a flour-bin/sifter which can be used even without removing these equipments from its position. There is also a sugar bin that comes with the cabinet. Glass jars are made to fit the spaces and made it look like the present built-in stuffs. These jars have a ring mold found in its center and is attached to a rack. Glassware sets include the coffee, cream and sugar canisters as well as a salt container and a set of uniform spice jars. Other manufacturers include a cracker jar while other manufacturers also include necessary charts and tables regarding the most frequent conversions used in the kitchen, recipes or cookbooks and other household tips.

The Hoosier cabinet doors have 3 large latches with the letter ‘H’ engraved on it. The H symbolizes the name of the manufacturer. These days are still some other manufacturers who sell Hoosier items. One of these is the Hoosier cabinet door catch and latch set. This has a brass finish and a size of 1 ¼ inches width by 2 inches height and ¾ inches projection when the ring lift is closed. It is usually sold per set so it is best to change both the latch and catch if ever one is damaged. It has one latch and two catches where one catch is used for flush application while the other one is for a 3/8 inches offset. This type of catch set is used in Hoosier cabinets like Naponee and Wilson. Also included in the package is the mounting hardware.

Another item which is also being sold is the Hoosier lift style door latch. Unlike the other product, this has a nickel finish with a size of 1 ¼ inches width, 2 inches height and a projection of ¾ inches and is sold separately. This is a ring style lift handle which is applicable to any type of Hoosier cabinet but more particularly for the Sellers and Wilson types. The mounting hardware is also included with the package.

Hossier cabinet door catch is guaranteed to be very durable and last longer. It also has the design of elegance but still very functional.

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