Jack And Jill Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Jack And Jill Bathroom Decorating Ideas . For most of us, time spent in the bathroom is perhaps the only time when we have complete privacy and calm. Using this area of the home has more to do with just your personal hygiene rituals, it is also time that is meant only for you. The Jack and Jill bathroom style rose to prominence in the 1970s and was designed mostly for families with children.

The basic idea is that the bathroom has two doors, and can be accessed from two bedrooms. The shared bathroom may also open into a bedroom, and the second opening may be accessed from a common space such as a corridor. The Jack and Jill bathroom makes it easier for people to share a bathroom.

Usually such a style has a common shower area. Though, some homeowners prefer to have a bath and a shower or a double shower area. The Jack and Jill bathroom is great for couples and for siblings who share the washroom. If you have only one bathroom in the house, then this style makes it easier for family members to gain access to the washroom. You will also need to invest in towel racks that are appropriate. For young children, you will need to have the towels kept at a suitable height.

The vanity is the focal point in any washroom. And hence, it needs to be chosen according to the personal preferences of the people who will use it. You can select from a range of styles and designs such as the pedestal sink or the kind that has shelves under the counter. Do choose those that look best in the space that is available and the style of decor that you have in mind.

A double sink vanity is preferred in a Jack and Jill bathroom. This means that two people can use the sink at the same time. This will also bring down arguments regarding who messed up the sink. You will also gain from the extensive space for storage that the vanity offers. So, individual towels and personal hygiene products such as shower gels, shampoos and extra toilet paper rolls can be stored away conveniently.

You will need to decide whether you want a large common mirror or two individual ones. The vanity may be positioned together or placed on opposite walls. It is important that you choose them to suit the personalities of those who will use the space.

If you intend to use different colors for both sides of the bathroom, it is best to go with colors that complement each other. You can also opt for a neutral hue and pick a theme, and accordingly use accents and tiles. It may also be reflected in the motif on the shower curtains, soap dishes, hand and bath towels and wash cloths.

Do ensure that both doors lock properly, so that you are assured privacy while using the bathroom. The doors can also be used in versatile ways. You may like to mount towel bars at different heights. You can also consider other creative storage ideas such as bathroom caddies.

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