Kitchen Decorating Ideas Coffee Theme

Kitchen Decorating Ideas Coffee Theme. Themed kitchens are truly works of art, with something interesting to look at and talk about everywhere that a visitor looks.

A fun kitchen can feature coffee decor; this is classy and modern approach to decorating a kitchen, and there are many unique ideas to create a fun look. Mix them together for a coffee theme or choose just a few of your favorites as decorations that coordinate with another theme or style.

Coffee on the Walls

Color and artwork are the two best ways to add coffee decorations to the walls, such as a coffee brown shade on the molding or light coffee (tan) paint on the walls. Artwork is diverse, such as coffee shop signs and pictures, a variety of prints, whimsical coffee drinker images, or simple and classic ideas such as photos of coffee beans or a coffee house chalkboard with a great logo. Group similar ideas together to create a coffee-inspired wall above the coffeemaker or add just a hint of your favorite way to wake up with one artwork selection in the kitchen.

Coffee on the Countertops

This is probably the simplest type of coffee decoration, and it can be truly inspiring or something simple that adds the perfect touch to the room’s theme or decor style. For example, a high-quality coffee maker or urn adds to a modern, contemporary theme, while a traditional blue metal coffeepot or grinder looks great in a more rustic kitchen. In addition to the carafe, make sure there are a few mugs or coffee cups to make people feel welcome to partake in your favorite pastime. You can choose high-quality porcelain, ceramic, glass, or something else to make the cups match the decor style too.

Real Coffee Decorations

Since coffee is the theme, do not be afraid to use real coffee as a functional and practical addition and decoration. For example, a glass jar or decorative canister full of ground or whole bean coffee looks great next to the coffeemaker or pot. It can easily be customized to suit your personality, such as an etched glass with a logo of a coffee bean and a white or chocolate brown ribbon around the lid. The canister can be really unique and fun, such as one that has images or funny quotes about coffee all over it. This makes even making the coffee a lot of fun for you and anyone else who is enjoying a cup with you.

Vintage Coffee Decorations

More people go back in time when it comes to decor than any other style, choosing vintage and classic ideas even for modern kitchen spaces to add fun, sophistication, and creativity. This includes old-school percolators or grinders as decorative accents, framed vintage photos of coffee beans or mugs, vintage coffee house signs or logos, and other ideas along these same lines. They are available online at a variety of retail websites, through auction websites, and at many different traditional stores. Just use “coffee decorations” or “vintage coffee decor” as your keyword search terms and find fun additions to your kitchen.

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