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Kitchen Organization Charts. Don’t have much room in the kitchen? Are you limited to the shelving space and cabinets provided in your apartment building? For those of us that rent a home or apartment, extensive remodeling of a kitchen, even just the cabinets, might not be the best option for many reasons, beginning with the owners of the building. A landlord or home owner could object to their tenants throwing out the old cabinetry. Money could also be an issue for those struggling to get by in a small rental. Renters then must make do with what they have to organize their kitchen accordingly with the space provided. Luckily for renters everywhere, there are plenty of organizational accessories that can help with this task.

Having a small kitchen does not necessarily have to be a drawback; in fact, you could even begin to enjoy the convenience of having everything in a nearby distance. The key to winning over a small kitchen space is organization! As tedious as it might sound, it can make a world of difference in a kitchen where shelves and cabinets are limited. True, your kitchen might be limited in organizational space, but any shelf or cabinet can be transformed with certain accessories that are designed to streamline your kitchen.

For a small space with a limited number of cabinets, shelves and drawers, let’s start small and begin with the drawers. They come in many different sizes and depths and can be used to store anything from flatware to kitchen appliances. When working with a small space, learn to use every inch of storage space efficiently. Shallow drawers are usually placed right underneath the countertop and thus should be used for easy to reach items such flatware, silverware, and cooking utensils. Deeper drawers should be used to store bigger items, such as large bowls and cookware. Don’t be afraid to use shelf dividers and other organizational tools to maximize drawer space; for example, utility drawer inserts or peg boards can be used to make separate compartments within drawers for any variety of things.

Cabinets are much the same as drawers in that they come in different sizes and depths; some main difference is that they don’t pull out and have outward hinged doors. Don’t discount cabinet doors as simply the object that keeps your objects from being out in the open. In a small space, cabinet doors can become remarkable organizational tools that help minimize clutter inside the cabinet. Doors can be hung with items such as a small waste bin, towel bars, and small wooden trays that can be used to hold many different kitchen items. Larger cabinets, such as those typically found underneath the sink, are usually very spacious. Make the best of this space by employing one of the various pull-out shelf kitchen accessories available, such as a pull out under sink caddy that has the added benefit of being removable. A pull out waste bin is essential for a small kitchen, as it not only keeps the waste out of sight but is also easily accessible.

Working in a small kitchen does not automatically have to mean clutter. With a little bit of creativity and a variety of organizational accessories, a small space can be transformed into a beautifully streamlined, efficiently organized kitchen.

Regardless of how large or small your kitchen is, it should not be difficult to maintain a sense of style to it. The key to having a good looking kitchen is, of course, organization. You can do no wrong with colors and accessories if you are working with a well organized kitchen. Maintaining an organized kitchen does not simply mean getting rid of messes, it also means having everything conveniently organized to be in place and ready at hand. There are several different kitchen accessories at affordable prices that can help you achieve this goal. Changes as simple as adding utility drawer inserts to keep flatware in this place and pull out trays for cabinets can work wonders in the kitchen and have the added benefit of making your kitchen look better.

What kinds of colors, backgrounds, or themes are you partial to? It is important to have a certain theme in mind when decorating or accessorizing your kitchen. Creating a theme does not have to be too complicated-for example, you could go with a simple black and white theme. You can also be more adventurous and try a French bistro theme or a Spanish kitchen theme. It is really up to you and there are thousands of options to choose from. The main thing to remember after choosing a theme is to be consistent. Whatever the theme is, make sure everything in the kitchen adheres to it. For example, if you go with a black and white theme you must make sure that kitchen appliances, flatware, utensils and accessories match the theme. Fortunately, many kitchen appliances and accessories are available in a wide variety of colors to choose from.

What if the theme of your kitchen just “happens to be whatever we put in it?” There is nothing wrong with having a mix and match look in the kitchen and having a variety of colors, textures and patterns. Again, the key to a stylish look is consistency. A good way to maintain consistency in your kitchen, even with eclectic looks, is to keep kitchen accessories looking the same, especially visible ones. If you are using metal accessories, such as chrome pull out trays with aluminum standards, keep the rest of the accessories the same. Do not attach wooden trays to aluminum standards, or vice versa. If you prefer the look of real wood, that’s fine—but keep the rest of the accessories wood or with a wood look as well. Any other accessories or kitchen appliances should also aim to match each other. Subtle details like that are great ways to keep your kitchen not only looking organized but also stylish and elegant.

It shouldn’t be a complicated task to maintain a stylish and organized look in your kitchen. It also does not have to be needlessly expensive. Simple touches and organizational accessories, such as wooden pull out shelves that match with the wooden pantry units can go a long way towards making a stylish kitchen look yours.

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