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Leka Restaurant . Restaurant decoration can make a difference in how people feel about going to a particular restaurant or how they feel while they’re there. It’s important to strike the right balance that will create an appealing and comfortable setting. We’re going to talk about various nautical items to create a nautical theme for restaurant decoration. Nautical, as we know is related to the sea; our goal is to bring to your restaurant that same relaxing, and soothing feeling associated with the ocean that some say stimulates the appetite. We’ll discuss how to use lighting, nautical wall decor and nautical accent furniture to create an authentic maritime feel. 


We’ll start with lighting; this is a component of restaurant decoration that sets the mood for the space. We recommend bronze finish pendant lamps with an authentic nautical style because they bring an element of ease and comfort to the decor; these hang from the ceiling and can be used whether your setting calls for one lamp per table or having lighting throughout the space, there are several bronze finish pendant lamp styles to choose from. We also like copper wall anchor lamps, these offer a pronounced authentic look and are just outstanding for restaurant decorations.   They can be placed outside the entrance door or other areas.  

Entrance Area

For the lobby or foyer, consider nautical items such a bronze finish porthole mirror placed above a nautical accent furniture piece or cabinet. For a waiting area, consider black wicker chairs or couch for a distinct look that will add charm to your decor. Use tall potted plants in strategic spots as the space allows, consider using rod iron stands for your pots for added charm and character.   Depending on the size and configuration of the lobby, foyer, or entrance, a nautical item such as a decorative wall anchor can be used. An anchor is considered a welcoming symbol and is also known to represent hope, and steadfastness, it can also be used in other areas of the space.   

Dining Area

For the dining area, we’ll give you a few ideas; depending on the size of the space, placing several bronze porthole mirrors spaced a few feet apart on the outer walls can produce an effect similar to that of a ship. If the walls are high, half hulls can be used with proper spacing below the mirrors. For a back wall or other appropriate area a two-sided marlin wall hanging will add interest to the nautical theme decor.   

Placing Nautical Items

The walls may be decorated with black and white nautical canvas art. We suggest black and white because it offers distinct contrast and an element of authenticity and a classic look. The nautical canvas artwork can be placed in groups of two, or three along a wall, or a larger group arrangement at the center of the wall and half hulls for the balance of the wall space depending on the room configuration. Half hulls can be used in pairs or separately on the walls. Decorative oars can also be used for wall decor, see our article how to use decorative oars for ideas.   A couple of antique finish nautical accent furniture pieces strategically placed will expand and solidify the theme. Consider displaying an authentic, weathered ship wheel approximately 36 inches for added character in your nautical theme. These are usually too heavy to hang on a wall; they’re often placed on the floor or on a sturdy surface and well supported. The ship wheel may be placed near the entrance or another area of the space. It’s important to continue the nautical theme throughout the restaurant decoration to reflect coordination and accomplish a finished look.   

Bring It All Together

For wall color, stay with beach and ocean colors such as sand, coral, or the various shades of green, blue… found in the ocean. We recommend a neutral color that will serve as a canvas, an accent wall if you really want more color. The window treatment should reflect colors, designs and style in keeping with the nautical theme. Natural flower arrangements are an excellent way to add freshness and just the right punch of bold colors such as red or yellow to the room. Change the flower arrangement color scheme to fit different occasions or mood you want to accentuate.   

The ideas presented in this article are intended to produce a classic, authentic and inviting nautical feel for your restaurant.

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