Lighted Tree Branches Home Decor

Lighted Tree Branches Home Decor. If you need to cut back on your Home Decoration this holiday season to save money don’t worry. You can still have a great time decorating your home for the holidays and make your home look great without spending a fortune. The key to finding cheap Home Decoration ideas that don’t look cheap is to be creative. The more creative you are the better the decoration ideas you come up with will be.

The first thing that you need to do is sit down, examine your finances, and decide how much of your holiday spending money you want to spend on decorations. Once you have a good idea of what the budget will be you can use these ideas to create fantastic holiday decorations:

Wrap It Up
Take the art that you already have on the walls in your home and wrap each piece individually like a present in festive paper and ribbons. Wrapping paper is very cheap, even the fancy paper, and ribbons can be purchased in bulk for additional savings. Seeing those wrapped presents on the wall will help everyone in the home get excited to put wrapped presents under the tree. You can also use wrapping paper to wrap doors and windows.

Go Green
If you visit a Christmas tree farm and talk to the owner you may be able to get piles of Evergreen branches for free or for very little money. There are always broken branches leftover when people buy trees and often they are just discarded. If you’re crafty you can take these branches home and glue them into festive wreaths for the doors and windows. You can also tie ribbons on groups of branches and place them on tables, the mantelpiece, in vases on shelves and all around the house. They will look very cheerful and fill the house with the wonderful scent of Christmas trees all for next to nothing.

Focus On One Room
Instead of trying to buy enough Home Decoration items to fill the house concentrate on one room in the house and put all your efforts and money into that room. You can choose from many different holiday Home Decoration ideas to create your own Christmas wonderland that everyone can enjoy. If you’re planning a holiday party make it a potluck and spend the extra money on decorations instead of food.

Make Friends With Your Neighbors
Instead of trying to outdo all the other houses in the neighborhood when it comes to Christmas Home Decoration have a neighborhood meeting with delicious Christmas cookies and ask people to agree to a neighborhood light display instead of individual displays. You can all save money and raise some community spirit by building a neighborhood Christmas light display together.

Home Decoration for the holidays doesn’t have to bankrupt you. This year get creative with your holiday decorations and spend the extra money on your family.

Staring at a Christmas tree and all of the lights we place over our windows and even gardens may make you think about how people of the older centuries celebrated Christmas. Obviously, there was no electricity at the time, so they definitely did not have any Christmas lights or fairy lights of their own. There were no rope lights that adorned houses during Christmas, or even party lights during gatherings and celebrations.

It has been said that what people used to do during Christmas was to decorate trees and place candles in strategic locations on the tree so that it would illuminate the ornaments which were hanging on its branches. If you think about it, it is not really a very smart way to decorate for Christmas as you risk burning the tree and starting a big fire in the process. There is also the smoke emitted from the candles to consider, as well as the wax that drips from the candles which you will need to clean off and remove. Most importantly, you will need to watch while the candles burn, since strong winds can easily blow the candle out.

Candles were a very expensive commodity at the time, since electricity was not yet invented. Plus, lighting trees with candles are something only the rich could afford at the time, since most people would prefer using candles for a more practical means, like lighting their homes for instance. So, lit trees during Christmas were only for the rich back in the days.

These candles were placed on the branches of trees by either gluing them to the branches, or using pins to make sure that they will stay in place. Eventually, candle holders were used, and then lanterns and glass balls were used as a means to place the candles over the trees. But since trees would eventually dry out, and winds could blow on the candles, this activity which only the rich could afford at the time, eventually became a dangerous fire hazard.

It was around 1822 when Edward Johnson, came up with electric Christmas lights. His invention of the Christmas lights was around 80 bulbs long, it was not really that much compared to what we have today, but it was definitely a big hit back then. In 1917, as a result of a fire caused by candles on a Christmas tree, Albert Sadecca created safety lights which could be used both indoors and outdoors. At first, the bulbs were very big and consumed a lot of electricity, which made it initially available for the rich people.

Over time, with the advancements in technology, smaller bulbs in different colours began to be made and were available. There are blinking lights, and lights that come in a mix of white and blue, red and green, and other festive colours. These fairly lights are now more energy efficient, durable, and definitely safer for use whether indoors or outdoors. Recently, there are now LED lights which are well known for their ability to last for a very long time as well as their very little electricity consumption. These lights are also now available in bendable wires which can be twisted and made to fit any space which will be decorated. There are also frosted fairy lights available, as well as battery operated ones, which serve as a great decoration for both indoor and outdoor use. These frosted lights instantly give a Christmas look and feel to any home.

Over the years, with trial and error, not to mention several burnt trees and even houses, the fairy lights we know today are here. They are smaller, offer more decoration options, and consume a lot less electricity than what they did before. There are also lights specific for outdoor use as they do not heat up at all and are intended for the harsh outdoors. You can choose from rope lights which are great for decorating walls and windows and for wrapping over trees, as well as brightly coloured party lights for your gatherings and occasions. These lights do more than just brighten up the space in your home. They provide an ambiance of fun and are especially great for homes with kids.

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